Eyebrow Lamination Kent – Explained

Eyebrow Lamination

Here at Eclipse School of Beauty, we offer our Eyebrow Lamination course in Bexleyheath Kent and Brentwood Essex!

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

It is a technique to enhance your natural brows. Giving you a full uniform eyebrow shape. This is the definitive solution for eyebrows which are sparse and lack symmetry, with this we can realign the brows with this specific technique to reveal the desired shape and fullness.

This treatment solves chaotic brow issues, creating volume and fullness while providing a lustrous well-kept brow shape which lasts up to 2 months! Eyebrow lamination also supports brow growth by creating a protective film over the hair.

It is the best technique for taming tough and boisterous hairs as it sets them in place, every hair lies in the same direction. Providing a just brushed through effect.

With eyebrow lamination there will be no need to fill your brows in, your brows will look thicker, fuller and straighter in the perfect shape.

Who can have this treatment?

It is perfect for people who:

  • Have uneven shaped brows
  • Have sparse brows
  • Want to improve the shape of their brows
  • Want a break from pencilling their brows in

Eyebrow Lamination is perfect for people thinking of having Semi-permanent Makeup as this allows you to fully appreciate the benefits of not having to pencil them in everyday!

How does it work?

Step by Step of how the treatment is conducted

  1. Like all treatments you will begin with a consultation, to see the brows you are working with and also to assess the shape and style to compliment your clients face
  2. A solution is applied to the brows to make the hair straight and flexible
  3. A hydration serum is used to hydrate the hair (this stops the hair from becoming dry and nourishes the hair during the treatment)
  4. A natural coloured tint is applied to the brows to give them a boost (tint will be discussed with client depending on their natural eyebrow colour)
  5. Lastly a nourishing serum is applied to the brows
  6. You will then go over aftercare with the client to make sure they know how to look after their brows to get the best long lasting results.

Eyebrow lamination process takes around 30-45 minuets and lasts up to 2 months depending on how well the client sticks to the after care

Eye Brow Lamination
Eye Brow Lamination
Eye Brow Lamination
Eye Brow Lamination

Aqualyx Fat dissolving. What we’ve all been waiting for!


Introduction to fat dissolving injections.

Aqualyx could possibly be the fat dissolving treatment at everyone’s been waiting for. This advanced new technique can be used in the face and body to great effect at the Eclipse School of Beauty. For small areas such as the jowls and chin, just one sessions can intensely reduce fat and return a more youthful and definite facial contour. For larger areas like, bingo wings and bums you may need up to 5 sessions to see dramatic results.

What is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx is a water-based solution that is injected into the fatty tissue in the face or body, it surrounds the cells and terminates them. The remains of the fat cells are then expelled by the body safely as waste. Aqualyx is perfect for people who want to get rid of those stubborn areas of fat in their face or body. This treatment has bee clinically proven for these purposes.

Treatment regime.

The time of the treatment will depend on the size of the area being treated.

It can take between 30-60 minuets per treatment and you typically require 2-8 treatments 4 weeks apart. Some people may see substantial results after 1 or 2 sessions.

Treatment for fat underneath the neck and chin, may require 1-2 treatments. While treatments for body fat may require 8 treatments

We must make it extremely clear that Aqualyx is not a substitute for diet and exercise and cannot fix you if you are overweight. It is for stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Hii Pen No Injection Fillers – What it is and how it works.

What is Hii Pen?

Hii Pen Fillers is the new reinvented treatment for bigger fuller lips without the injections. It is a quite simplistic device that engenders enough pressure to launch Hyaluron Acid into the skin.

Whats the difference between no needle Hii Pen injections to old-style needle injections?

Hii Pen Filler is a non-aggressive tool and distributes hyaluronic acid into the filler into the skin by causing pressure. During treatment the client will surprisingly minimal pain – it does not hurt virtually as much as injectable filler. Comparing them both with Hii Pen there is less bruising, swelling or needle marks.

What is involved in the procedure?

The procedure is quite simple, the HA (hyaluronic acid) filler inserted into the skin is completely safe as the body produces it. It is impossible for anyone to have an allergic reaction from the HA filler itself.
The more Hyaluronic Acid inside the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin, the more water is retained keeping its moisture and making the appearance of the skin more youthful.

What is HA (hyaluronic acid)?

Our Skin cells produce Hyaluronic Acid naturally in a proposal to maintain moisture levels. Due to ageing and environmental aggressors those levels tend to dip. Scientific studies have shown that HA helps improve skin hydration and production of collagen, maintain skin elasticity, and even has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help with wound healing.
This is why such treatments involving HA have been created to prolong these levels and create longer youthful skin.

Plasma Skin Tightening. What is it and how will it benefit you as a beautician?

Plasma Skin Tightening. What is it and how will it benefit you as a beautician?

This is the only cosmetic treatment which uses plasma to eradicate excess skin. It is low risk and more inexpensive than surgery! Plasma is known for its success with all its non-surgical benefits such as, Non surgical eye lift, skin tag removal, tummy tightening, stretch marks and so much more available.

How does the treatment work?

Numerous points are placed on the surface of the skin using a minute sterile plasma probe. Due to the variety and arrangements of all the points, it helps to reduce excess skin and results show that the skin is clearly tightened. There is a small plasma flash which due to its evaporation effect, instantaneously uses a healing and tissue tightening result. The elasticity of the skin and tightness is rapidly improved.

What are the advantages of plasma?

  • No Surgery!!! Due to this new and advanced treatment, surgery is now out of the picture. Unlike surgery there is no risk of ‘over lifting’ the skin.
  • The results from plasma are instant and evident during the treatment, the results will remain long after the treatment.
  • Provides incredible eyelid tightening and wrinkle smoothing!

Areas which can be treated!

  • Foreheads and frown lines
  • Cheeks and Nasal Labial Lifting
  • Loose skin on the Jowl and Neck Area
  • Skin Tag removal
  • Under eyes and Crows Feet
  • Eyelids
  • Stomach Tightening
  • Arms
  • Legs and Thighs
  • Marionettes and Smoker Lines

BB GLOW and Micro-Needling! What is it and how will it benefit you?

BB Glow

BB GLOW and Micro-Needling! What is it and how will it benefit you?

Imagine waking up every morning with zero red spots and an even complexion! Getting ready to leave for work has never been easier with your base already prepared.Think about how much money you will save on buying BB creams and concealers! These are the promises that BB GLOW will provide you!

BB GLOW treatment

This semi-permanent treatment offers more visible and fast benefits out of all the facial treatments.
BB glow uses a Micro Needle Therapy System. It provides immediate coverage just like foundation!

The results include visible wrinkle improvement, appearance of the skin, even skin tone. Of course the GLOW all without over simulating the skin. It is achieved by using skin coloured pigment and peptides which is Micro Needled all across the face.

BB glow is recommended for both Men and Women with dark skin tones, acne scars, reduction of freckles, redness, age spots and skin discolouration on lighter skin types.

BB GLOW Microneedling

The process of the treatment is the same as a simple microneedling facial, this works by rolling tiny needles across the skin. This is a highly affective machine which helps increase skins collagen and elastin. These tiny pin pricks forces the skin to heal and build up stronger than before, the machine also deposits serum deeper into the skin.



How long does it last?

This all depends on the skin condition and amount of care taken, for first timers this will last a week or just over. Although having this done multiple times will lead to increased longevity and more coverage.

We advise for all first time clients to come back for a second session at Eclipse School of Beauty in order to provide better coverage and prolonged results.

Is there any down time?

No you can go back to day to day life however the bb glow treatment should be left untouched for 24 hours, your skin may look shiny for this time and gradually start to feel dry which is the skins natural response.

How many treatments are needed?

This treatment is great before a special event or weekend away, however if you would like the results to last much longer we recommend building up coverage over the course of 3-4 treatments spread equally over maximum 10 days apart.


Does it hurt?

The treatment is a little uncomfortable on some areas however tightness and tingling after treatment is completely normal.








Guaranteed Insurance For Eclipse Customers!

Beauty Insurance is often a concern and regularly confusing for the student. It’s rarely straight forward to understand whether you will be able to get insured. Or which pre requisites you need. Which certifications or experience is required. With Eclipse this is made very simple with a guarantee of insurance for all of our courses**.

Due to recognition of Eclipse School of Beauty being a centre of excellence. In addition to in depth course content, knowledge and the vast experience of our tutors. Our Insurance partner of choice ha­­­­s now guaranteed us that all of our students on all of our courses** are guaranteed insurance so long as they have an accompanying Eclipse certificate.

Previously, certain courses required pre-requisite certifications or experience. This is no longer the case. You can now book any of our courses** in the confidence that you will get insured afterwards with your Eclipse certificate.

If you would like to book a course and have any concerns around insurance. Please do get in contact with us via any method. Social media, Email or Phone.

The courses included are:

SPMU and Microblading removal
Derma Roller
Chemical Skin Peels
Mesotherapy by means of nappage, derma pen or derma rollers
Photon light therapy and LED light therapy
Classic Lashes
Russian Lashes
Lash Lift
MCA Scar removal and dryneedling
Scalp Micropigmentation

**Courses excluded from this are Dermal Fillers & Areola Tattoo. Insurance for these can still be obtained. But may need some previous experience or certifications. The rest of the courses have guaranteed beauty insurance.


As a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist, why is it important to be trained in both Microblading AND Machine Brow Tattooing?

As a Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist, why is it important to be trained in both Microblading AND Machine Brow Tattooing?


Microblading and Machine Brow Semi-Permanent makeup is completely different procedures that require incredibly opposing techniques and create such versatile results.

Although some clients will often suit either one of these finishes to the Brow, it is also common for someone to suit one finish, yet another be completely inappropriate for them. Not only is the aesthetic finish to the brow different, but the length of time before the brows start to fade is also different too.


Microblading is a much faster fading procedure, that depending on the client skin type. It can sometimes only last up to just a few months- contrasting with the finish of Machine Brows, which often at minimum can last up to 18 months.

Of course, the healing and lasting process is also dependent on many contributing factors such as the attention you pay to the aftercare guide given, skin type, sun exposure, washing routine, soaps and cleansers/shampoo and conditioner used etc.

If for example, Microblading did not hold particularly well on a client, by being qualified in Machine Brow Tattooing too, you will then be able to offer your client an alternative technique that would perhaps be the solution to a longer lasting Brow!

It is also common for some people to not always do their market research before choosing the beauty consultant they visit for the treatments- which results in unsatisfied customers with a tattooed brow they weren’t hoping for, incorrect pigmentation and undesired shapes.

By offering both Brow techniques, you are then able to rectify existing concerns by carrying out a correction treatment with the more appropriate procedure.

All client requirements and desires are different, which is why, as the Artist- it is most affective not only for your personal business to offer both, but for a client to feel like they are being offered a treatment that genuinely is the right thing for them.

The beauty industry is quickly, and vastly growing every day; so, as a professional within the industry, it is a great opportunity for professional growth and development to understand the various different techniques and styles available in order to keep up with trends, but also eliminate industry competition by offering the most up to date treatments from the offset.

What is the difference between Microblading and SPMU for eyebrows?

What is the difference between Microblading and SPMU for eyebrows?


First of all, it is important to know what “SPMU” actually stands for Semi-Permanent makeup -the technique that requires a specialist tattoo machine to create certain desired aesthetics in various areas of the body.

When it comes to Eyebrows, the beauty industry often refers to this as a “Powder Brow”.  So, now that we have that query cleared up – here’s to answer the main question!

Simply put, the difference between Microblading and SPMU eyebrows is everything; from the technique, the finished look, the shading to even the healed result and the top-up process.


Microblading is the method of Eyebrow tattooing that requires a specialist handheld blade that’s been dipped into the pigment the client is matched up with. The blade then gently cuts individual fine hairlines into the skin which gives the closest results to that of a natural-looking brow.

Because it requires a hand-held blade, it is far more accessible to intricately mimic the exact direction of the clients natural hair growth. The pigment is placed by the blade into a higher layer of the skin compared to that of machine tattooing- thus meaning the final result is less permanent.

Once the hair strokes have been etched into the skin, extra pigment is the rubbed over the brows to ensure that the skin is absorbing the colour fully into the hair stroke marks. Once the pigment has had time to sink in, excess ink is wiped away to reveal the initial templated shape.

This process is repeated 2-4 times over the entire brow, filling any exposed gaps each time till the perfect, natural looking eyebrow has been built. With microblading, a second appointment is needed 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment to fill any gaps that can appear during the healing process.

SPMU/ Powder Brow

It is a much bolder, more defined finish to the Brow with a far longer lasting result. This treatment is done using a specialist facial tattooing machine, which works at a much lower frequency than a standard tattoo machine.

The pigment is gently applied to the skin using very fine needles to stencil over and fill a templated shape that is created during the consultation before the procedure begins. The sensation is that of a gentle electric toothbrush being held against the skin.

The process normally takes about one hour, but it varies from person to person depending on the individual requirements. The finish is heavier, bolder and what is known as a “block colour”, contrasting with the softer and far more natural look to Microblading.

Generally speaking, it is a much heavier look, although there are several advanced artistry shading techniques that can be applied to give different finishes (Ombre brows, etc).

A second appointment is usually required between 6-10 weeks after the initial treatment in order to fill any gaps or patches that may have appeared during healing.

Additional courses coming soon

Areola reconstruction


This particular form of aesthetic is technically known as a “medical tattoo” that was originally designed in order to reconstruct the nipple after a woman has undergone breast surgery. This process can also be applied to the breast in order to enhance the natural shape or colour of the nipple, as well as minimising the appearance of scars. It involves advanced techniques and training, and therefore some form of medical/ aesthetic or cosmetic experience is usually required by the consultant before this practice can be performed. When this treatment has been applied, it can massively increase ones self esteem, and the final result can look incredibly effective and realistic.


Scalp micro-pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation (alternatively known as Micro hair pigmentation or Trico pigmentation) is a treatment that is ideal for anybody who suffers from excessively thin hair, gaps of hair, hair loss due to illness or ageing, someone looking for that perfect shaven look or those too young for an actual hair transplant. This form of pigmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses a specialist tattoo machine to recreate the look of a full head of hair using Micro needles and tinted ink that is dotted sporadically over the scalp and matched intricately to the current hair follicles.


Semi-permanent makeup removal


This is a procedure that is commonly requested in the beauty industry. Whilst there are many experienced, qualified and talented semi-permanent makeup artists out there- clients finding and booking in with the right one isn’t always the case!

Semi-Permanent Makeup Removal is a procedure that is quite literally self-explanatory and in the title! It is a technique that is designed to reverse the results of incorrect Microblading or SPMU. Unfortunately, when the wrong artist has performed either of these techniques on a client- the desired shape the client required, or the expected colour can end up incorrect. The Removal procedure is not only able to correct colour bleeding or incorrect colour matches, but also entirely eliminate any remanence of SPMU work that the client is not happy with.


MCA- scar and stretch mark removal


MCA is the procedure used to permanently improve the physical appearance of all kinds of scarring on the body or face. This can include acne scaring, burns, appearance of regular scaring, stretch marks and even fine lines and wrinkles.

The idea behind this treatment is somewhat similar to that of “Dermarolling”, but the difference being that dermarolling is an ongoing ‘facial’ type treatment that needs monthly follow ups, whereas with this procedure, 2-3 treatments on one area (depending on the initial damage to the scar tissue) is usually enough. The results are long term-permanent, and the treatment involves the opening of the skin with tiny microneedles. The microneedle machine will move around the desired treatment area on the skin to stimulate collagen to move to the surface. This will then break down the knotted tissue and helps to flatten any raised scarring or damage.

Why start a career in Microblading

Why start a career in Microblading?

Microblading has quickly become one of the most recognized cosmetic treatments in the beauty industry today.

Beauty procedure has been around for many years. But the knowledge and practice behind it have vastly developed.

As the Beauty industry has developed over the last few decades, beauty trends have also significantly changed. Long gone are the days of wet-look hair gel and overplucked eyebrows.

Here we are in the 21stcentury where “the bigger; the better” couldn’t be a more accurate representation of all things beauty related whether it be Hair extensions, Lash Extensions or even Eyebrows!

Whilst back in the day, thinner eyebrows were the “in look”, nowadays, more and more people are embracing the bolder brow look. Although not everyone is finding this easy to achieve due to natural hair loss, illness or years of overplucking.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

It has become the answer to a lot of these people’s problems and because it is only temporary- it means the results are effective and long-lasting but not forever. So a brilliant option again for those people who enjoy keeping up with the seasonal trends.

That’s whereas a business venture- for any ladies or gents who are invested in the beauty industry- there is quite literally no better avenue to go down then Microblading. Some people already have experience within the beauty industry, some people don’t. That’s another great positive about training in this particular procedure.

Career in Microblading

Once you are qualified in Microblading – the earning potential is huge and working can be as flexible as you want it to be – because if you are doing this from your own personal salon or treatment room, essentially you are your own boss! (just be sure that your salon or treatment room are within keeping of your local boroughs health and hygiene regulations)

In terms of getting qualified, the process isn’t overly complex nor time-consuming either. The training tends to take between 2-5 days, homework is minimal but the practice is vital.

During training, and depending on which company’s course you chose to book onto, a full kit is usually included and a live model will be available for you to perform your first practical treatment on.

For anyone interested in a career in microblading or SPMU (semi-permanent micropigmentation), please enquire through our contact details above. We have training academies located in Bexleyheath, KENT and Brentwood, ESSEX.