Fast track anti-wrinkle injections and Fillers for people with ZERO experience or qualifications! Everyone can do this package!

Can only doctors or nurses perform filler and Anti wrinkle injections treatments in the uk? The answer is no! Keep reading…

Dermal Fillers and Anti wrinkle injections training for non medics with no qualifications or experience in beauty is here!

From 1st May 2024 Fast Track now includes Online Skin Peels LED Light therapy & Aqaulyx fat dissolving injections!


Fast Track Fillers
Fast Track Botox and Fillers
Fast track – Botox only.

A full pathway to fillers and Anti wrinkle injections aesthetics even with ZERO experience or qualifications.

Our insurance company Insync have put together an incredible insurance scheme for our learners who want to start offering fillers and botulinum toxin (Anti wrinkle injections) treatments when they have no previous experience or qualifications and are not a nurse or doctor or dentist. We are a full Insync platinum partner.

This means that in a very short time we can take you from zero experience and qualifications to being fully insured and qualified in dermal fillers and Anti wrinkle injections. The minimum time you can take to do this is 9 days!

Here are the full details of the packages

Please watch the video below to see all the information on Fast Track.

You also get full online versions of all of these training courses included for free and for life!

Can only doctors, nurses or medics carry out filler and Anti wrinkle injections treatments in the uk? The answer is no. And now with our full fast track option. Anyone can start a brand new career in fillers and Anti wrinkle injections with our foundation courses. This provides a full pathway to injectables and gives you all the pre requisites required in order to be able to gain insurance and start your new aesthetics journey. Beauticians and non medics can all qualify for this training. No background in beauty or aesthetics or a medical background is required. Yous imply book your place on this course and everything is provided for you. From kits to manuals and full online training versions for life. You can be assured you will get an incredible experience here at Eclipse.

We have huge amounts of support in place for you once you finished you training course. We have a 24 hour emergency hotline, We have support groups on both WhatsApp and also Facebook. These support channels will allow you to be fully confident that you have someone to ask questions to and get all the support you need ongoing in your aesthetics journey.

We even have an ultrasound machine in the case of emergency which allows us to do full facial mapping and allows us to quickly isolate and target any issues and get them resolved for you as quickly as possible. All our support is totally free of charge and has no ongoing costs. We also do free quarterly update meetings where we bring all our students back into the classroom together and discuss new techniques. New products. New health and safety. And do round tables so all our students can discuss their experiences together. We do this once every 3 months and everyone is invited to take part and attend.

We also provide you with a full list of prescribers who will help you with all your medical prescribing needs. Whether it is hyaluronidaise or Anti wrinkle injections or azzalure or boccouture you need. Your prescriber will assist you in a professional way. They will work with you to assist you in any situation you require it.

We provide full details on where to buy your products. Which companies to use. How to purchase them. And how much they cost. We advise you which products are best for you and your clients. How to use them and where to use them. Nothing is left uncovered in our longer than average training courses.

We offer advanced training once you have experience with your foundation training. And you can go on to do Russian lip filler training. Advanced Botox training covering the lower face, bum Anti wrinkle injections and hyperhydrosis. We offer advanced filler training if you would like to go on further from the standard areas you get on your foundation training courses. We also offer training for extra treatments you can provide. Such as profhilo, jalupro, jalutox and more. You can even go on to do butt filler training with us!

You can simply select the dates for your foundation Anti wrinkle injections and filler course above and you will get a full confirmation with all details relating to your course including location, address, parking, what to wear on your course and anything else you need to know.

We look forward to seeing you start your new career in injectable aesthetics very soon!

We offer this training in 4 locations that include the below.

  • London
  • Kent
  • Essex
  • Surrey
  • Brentwood
  • Bexleyheath
  • Ashford
  • Hertford
  • Hertfordshire
  • Stevenage

Insurance pre-requisites are subject to change. We advise you liaise directly with your chosen insurance company to ensure the correct, up to date information is provided.