Who Can Legally Perform Botulinum Toxin Aka Botox?

At Eclipse school of beauty, we get daily enquiries asking who can legally perform botulinum toxin injections, what are the requirements and can I gain insurance. Hopefully, this blog will answer these questions and clarify who exactly can join botulinum toxin courses and gain the relevant insurance to do so.


A prerequisite is what a person needs to have prior to doing a course. This means that their previous experience and or qualifications will give them a foundation knowledge of the course they are going to attend. To do our botulinum toxin course, you would need to have either a full level 3 beauty therapy qualification. (This could be in either the massage or electrical route) or, 12 months needling experience. This can include but is not limited to microblading, micropigmentation tattooing, micro needling, and derma roller. If you do not have 12 months’ experience in any of the above, the last option is if you have 6 months’ needling experience in any of the above plus a qualification in anatomy & physiology at level 3 or above. At Eclipse, we provide all of the above-named course should you need to do your pre-request courses with us first.

Botulinum Toxin Course itself:

Once you have the relevant prerequisites, you will be able to book onto one of our botulinum toxin courses. This course is 2 days long and covers everything you need to be able to perform the treatment on your own away from the academy. The theory covered in this course includes:

  • What is botulinum toxin
  • How it works
  • Facial anatomy
  • Prescribing information
  • Client selection
  • Treatment options
  • Salon environment
  • Health and safety
  • Client consultation
  • Client assessment
  • Products and differences
  • Quantities and placement
  • How to store and dilute
  • Managing expectations
  • Injection techniques
  • Complications and resolutions
  • Aftercare
  • Maintenance
  • Top-ups

The practical element for this course includes:

  • Setting up your station
  • Performing a full consultation
  • Contact with a registered prescriber
  • Preparing your client
  • Mapping out your client’s injection points
  • Performing a botulinum toxin treatment (to cover frown lines, forehead lines, and crows feet)
  • Giving verbal aftercare and maintenance to your client

How to get a prescriber:

During the course, we will give you full details on what you will need to be able to carry out this treatment legally and safely. One is that you must have a qualified, registered prescriber to personally prescribe the botulin toxin for all of our clients. The initial consultation only needs to be done once every 12 months and this can be done with a prescriber over face time to make the whole process easier and streamline. We can give you prescriber details on the course so that once you are finished you are ready to set up and go straight away. Many therapists will have a ‘prescribing day’ where all new clients will attend the clinic in order to receive their consultation with the prescriber. Once their prescription has been issued, you are then able to order the botulinum toxin for that specific client for up to 12 months until they need a new prescription. If your client has gone through a major medical change or you haven’t treated them for over 6 months then they would also need a new prescription.


On completion of the course, if your tutor feels you are confident, you will receive your full Eclipse Botulinum toxin certificate. We issue all certificates at the end of each course now to ensure all students are able to gain full insurance cover immediately and begin working safely. We work closely with Insync insurance who have guaranteed insurance to anyone with an Eclipse certificate. Once your insurance is set up, you are ready to go.

Medic or non-medic:

You do not need to be medically trained to administer botulinum toxin. Legally, you can train and perform these injections whether you are a medic or non-medic. Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma around this subject, you can find a full video HERE on this by our lead aesthetics trainer.


Once you have been performing botulinum toxin injections for 6 months plus, you may then decide to broaden this skill be booking onto our advanced Anti wrinkle injections course. This course is taught by our leading aesthetics practitioner who performs this treatment daily and will give you the best up to date skills within the current industry. The advanced Anti wrinkle injections course includes pebbly chin, gummy smile, lip flip, masseter, DAO, Platysmal bands, nose, hyperhidrosis, and bunny lines. A fantastic extension to your current skills.