Beauty Courses to Kick-Start Your Career

Here’s a list of courses that will jump-start your career in the make-up industry.

If you are an aspiring beautician, then this article is going to help you immensely. If you are living in the south-east region of England, then there are a lot of Essex beauty training schools that you will be able to find that you can enroll yourself into. These schools offer various courses that you may find very useful to begin your career in this field.

You will find some credible and licensed Kent beauty academies where you can hone your skills if you are an intermediate. Today, in this article we will discuss two of those courses that are offered by most schools, which will kick-start your career as a professional in this field.

The first course- Botox Foundations Training Course!

The first course that we are going to discuss today is about the Botox foundations training course. The pre-requisite for the course is that you must have a 6-months Needling experience. Most of the schools deliver a two-day Botox course where they will train you to deliver a safe, successful and confident treatment with Botulinum Toxin. The course is CPD certified and the schools offer post-completion support which also includes a 24-hour hotline.

You get to learn a lot of things during these two days, namely-

1) What is Botulinum Toxin?
2) How does it work?
3) Facial Anatomy.
4) Client consultation and assessment.
5) Injection techniques
6) Aftercare, Top-ups and much more.

To ensure a perfect training experience, you will be guided by at least four experts enabling you to learn from them.

The Second course- Plasma Fibroblast Training Course!

The second course in today’s list is the Plasma Fibroblast Training Course. This is a one-day course that is fully accredited by CPD. The Plasma Fibroblast course is a one-day course that covers the fundamentals to enable students to work with the fibroblast machine in an effective and sterile way. You will be guided by industry-leading trainers in both the theoretical and practical approaches. You’ll cover the following things during the run-time of this course, namely

1) Wrinkle reduction.
2) Lip Flip.
3) Neck tightening.
4) Reduction of upper/lower lip wrinkles and much more!

You will be taught how to set up your client correctly while taking full precautions, how to treat a range of areas on the face and body and as well as maintaining client comfort. This intensive training course will give you the skills required to go and practice independently. Upon finishing you will also receive a training completion certificate.

What to do after completing the courses?

Once you have gathered the knowledge from the industry experts, you can either start your own business or even start practicing depending upon the level of expertise you have achieved. It is very important that you stay updated with the industry standards and norms and keep in touch with the new products available in the market. Keep practicing with the safety precautions and latch on to every opportunity that comes your way.