Botox vs Fillers? Where to use each and why? Kent, London and Essex Botox and filler training

Botox training course or Fillers training course? Kent, Essex or London? Two choices (Botox vs Fillers) but one is a lot more complex to choose between. At our Kent based beauty school, we train in both fillers and Anti wrinkle injections anti-wrinkle. We train both medics and non-medics. We have a 4 day fully comprehensive level 7 fillers training course. We cover Jaw, Cheeks, Chin and of course lip fillers.

We also offer a two day Botox foundations training course. This covers the top third of the face. Forehead, frown lines, and crows feet. Also known as the Glabella region which includes the Procerus muscle and the Corrugator muscle. And the Frontalis muscle. We also offer two advanced courses. We offer an advanced filler course and an advanced Anti wrinkle injections course. Next time you search for a beauty school near me. Make sure you pick Eclipse – School Of beauty and we can cater to all your aesthetic training needs.

One of the most common questions that get asked on both our filler training course and our Botox training course is.

  1. Where do I choose fillers and where do I choose Anti wrinkle injections?
  2. Can I use them both together?
  3. Why would I choose one or the other or both?
  4. There isn’t a simple answer to this as each case needs to be analysed and considered carefully.

However, first, you need to understand what can be done with both. Most people understand that filler can now be used for the full face. From lip filler to temple filler to full-face Kimmy k contouring. Most people know that Anti wrinkle injections can be used in the upper third of the face.

But the part that a lot of people don’t know is that Botox can be used on the full face and neck. And in the face even in other areas in the body. Sometimes Botox can even be used for non-anti-wrinkle treatments. Such as hyperhydrosis. We offer full hyperhydrosis training on our advanced Anti wrinkle injections course.

Botox or anti-wrinkle treatments in general. Whether it be bocouture, azzalure or Anti wrinkle injections. It can be used for many wonderful things on the lower face. For example. As we age our muscles begin to tighten and we can get a downturned mouth which gives an unhappy look. We can also get an upturned chin which gives a witchy look. For a downturned mouth, we can treat the DAO (Depressor Anguli Oris) muscle.

By relaxing this muscle we can allow the corners of the mouth to lift naturally and soften marionette lines. For a pebbly or broccoli or witchy chin. We can treat the mentalist muscle. This will again relax the muscle and prevent these potentially unpleasant aesthetic features.

Necks can often show signs of aging that do not reflect the rest of the face or body. We can treat the platysmal bands in the neck with Anti wrinkle injections. This can help relax the neck muscles and give a much nicer aesthetic. Sometimes improving jowls and jawlines as a side effect.

Hands, feet, groins and also armpits can be treated with any form of anti-wrinkle neuromodulator. Not to remove wrinkles or anti-aging. But to reduce or eliminate sweat in these areas. Some can suffer quite badly from excessive sweating in these regions and it can severely affect the quality of life. On our advanced Anti wrinkle injections training course. We cover off all of these areas and treatments.

In addition to even all of the treatment areas mentioned above. There are yet more!

We can do a subtle lip flip by injecting the obicularis oris muscle. We can prevent gummy smile by treating the levator labii superioris aleque nasii muscle. If a nose moves while you talk we can treat the depressor septi nasi muscle. Maybe there are bunny lines along the nose in which case we can treat the nasalis muscle.

You can see there are many treatments for neuro modulators for the entire face. When you combine this with all of the filler treatments you can learn on our filler training course and advanced filler training course. You really are in a fantastic position to be able to treat clients with the correct treatment for the correct aesthetic outcome.

In the above text, I mentioned. Choosing a training course location is a fairly easy question to answer. Where to treat with Botox. And where to treat with fillers is much more complex.

Why Choose Us?

Our aesthetics instructors Annie and Adam discuss this complex and interesting subject in their latest AA Aesthetics Podcast video. Give it a watch and hopefully, you can become better informed as to the options available and when to use them.

If you would like to book a fillers training course or a Anti wrinkle injections training course. Whether you would like to learn in Essex, London or Kent. Whether you are a medic or non-medic. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact us page on this website. We would love to talk to you about your aesthetic career and how we can help you either get started. Or continue to enhance your offering and grow your aesthetics treatment portfolio.

Maybe you would like to start with our foundation fillers course in Kent? And then move on to our Anti wrinkle injections foundations course in Essex? And finish up with some Advanced filler training in London? We can assist you.