Semi-Permanent Makeup with Botox and Fillers.

Semi-Permanent Makeup with Botox and Fillers.


Botox and Fillers are becoming such a high demanded treatment within the beauty and makeup industry, and more often than not- I have clients visit me who have previously had either one, or both of these treatments done prior.

By these clients, I am repeatedly asked 2 questions; How long after Botox do I have to wait before I can get my Brows done? And can I still get Semi-Permanent Makeup or Lip Blush done if I have lip filler.


How long after Botox do I have to wait before I can get my Brows done?

I you are having Botox done beforehaving your eyebrows done, you must wait 2 weeks for the Botox to settle before having your brows done. It is always vital that you let both your Brow artist and your Botox practitioner know about the fact you are combining these treatments.

With Botox, it takes a week or so for the product to actually settle into the treated area properly and for the benefits to actually show.
Depending on the areas that the product has been applied, there can be several movements in the facial muscle structures. For example, the brow area can naturally drop ever so slightly once the Botox is applied. But eventually will move back into its correct place once healed.
This is why there must be a time frame before treatments- to allow this transition to occur before permanent ink is applied to the moved skin. Likewise, if you are planning on having your Botox treatment after your brows are tattooed, it is important to allow your brows to fully heal before foreign bodies are placed into the skin.
That is because the surface of the skin is being broken with either a tattoo machine or a blade, so for hygiene reasons it is essential you give the skin the correct time required to fully heal.


Can I still get Semi-Permanent Makeup like lip liner or Lip Blush done if I have lip filler?


Of course! Lip filler combined with lip blush or liner can truly give the most eye catching results.
However, likewise with the Brows and Botox- there is a healing period that must be followed.

This is 2 weeks. So no filler for 2 weeks prior to SPMU Lips, and no filler should be applied for 2 weeks after the SPMU Treatment.
Please be advised that it is rare that I will apply a semi-permanent lip blush or liner to a client who has over a certain amount of lip filler; usually 2ml.

If someone has previously had filler and the original shape of the lip is unclear, then I wont perform the Lip Blush or Lip liner procedure.
This decision is down to the fact that the lips are an incredibly sensitive area and the natural stretch and elasticity of the lip can reduce from over filling of the lips, which in time will affect the final result of the Semi Permanent Lip Tattoo.
The quality of results I give my clients are always my upmost priority; I value their time, their investment in my work and their comfort foremost.