Why start a career in Microblading

Why start a career in Microblading?

Microblading has quickly become one of the most recognized cosmetic treatments in the beauty industry today.

Beauty procedure has been around for many years. But the knowledge and practice behind it have vastly developed.

As the Beauty industry has developed over the last few decades, beauty trends have also significantly changed. Long gone are the days of wet-look hair gel and overplucked eyebrows.

Here we are in the 21stcentury where “the bigger; the better” couldn’t be a more accurate representation of all things beauty related whether it be Hair extensions, Lash Extensions or even Eyebrows!

Whilst back in the day, thinner eyebrows were the “in look”, nowadays, more and more people are embracing the bolder brow look. Although not everyone is finding this easy to achieve due to natural hair loss, illness or years of overplucking.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

It has become the answer to a lot of these people’s problems and because it is only temporary- it means the results are effective and long-lasting but not forever. So a brilliant option again for those people who enjoy keeping up with the seasonal trends.

That’s whereas a business venture- for any ladies or gents who are invested in the beauty industry- there is quite literally no better avenue to go down then Microblading. Some people already have experience within the beauty industry, some people don’t. That’s another great positive about training in this particular procedure.

Career in Microblading

Once you are qualified in Microblading – the earning potential is huge and working can be as flexible as you want it to be – because if you are doing this from your own personal salon or treatment room, essentially you are your own boss! (just be sure that your salon or treatment room are within keeping of your local boroughs health and hygiene regulations)

In terms of getting qualified, the process isn’t overly complex nor time-consuming either. The training tends to take between 2-5 days, homework is minimal but the practice is vital.

During training, and depending on which company’s course you chose to book onto, a full kit is usually included and a live model will be available for you to perform your first practical treatment on.

For anyone interested in a career in microblading or SPMU (semi-permanent micropigmentation), please enquire through our contact details above. We have training academies located in Bexleyheath, KENT and Brentwood, ESSEX.