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Areola reconstruction


This particular form of aesthetic is technically known as a “medical tattoo” that was originally designed in order to reconstruct the nipple after a woman has undergone breast surgery. This process can also be applied to the breast in order to enhance the natural shape or colour of the nipple, as well as minimising the appearance of scars. It involves advanced techniques and training, and therefore some form of medical/ aesthetic or cosmetic experience is usually required by the consultant before this practice can be performed. When this treatment has been applied, it can massively increase ones self esteem, and the final result can look incredibly effective and realistic.


Scalp micro-pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation (alternatively known as Micro hair pigmentation or Trico pigmentation) is a treatment that is ideal for anybody who suffers from excessively thin hair, gaps of hair, hair loss due to illness or ageing, someone looking for that perfect shaven look or those too young for an actual hair transplant. This form of pigmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses a specialist tattoo machine to recreate the look of a full head of hair using Micro needles and tinted ink that is dotted sporadically over the scalp and matched intricately to the current hair follicles.


Semi-permanent makeup removal


This is a procedure that is commonly requested in the beauty industry. Whilst there are many experienced, qualified and talented semi-permanent makeup artists out there- clients finding and booking in with the right one isn’t always the case!

Semi-Permanent Makeup Removal is a procedure that is quite literally self-explanatory and in the title! It is a technique that is designed to reverse the results of incorrect Microblading or SPMU. Unfortunately, when the wrong artist has performed either of these techniques on a client- the desired shape the client required, or the expected colour can end up incorrect. The Removal procedure is not only able to correct colour bleeding or incorrect colour matches, but also entirely eliminate any remanence of SPMU work that the client is not happy with.


MCA- scar and stretch mark removal


MCA is the procedure used to permanently improve the physical appearance of all kinds of scarring on the body or face. This can include acne scaring, burns, appearance of regular scaring, stretch marks and even fine lines and wrinkles.

The idea behind this treatment is somewhat similar to that of “Dermarolling”, but the difference being that dermarolling is an ongoing ‘facial’ type treatment that needs monthly follow ups, whereas with this procedure, 2-3 treatments on one area (depending on the initial damage to the scar tissue) is usually enough. The results are long term-permanent, and the treatment involves the opening of the skin with tiny microneedles. The microneedle machine will move around the desired treatment area on the skin to stimulate collagen to move to the surface. This will then break down the knotted tissue and helps to flatten any raised scarring or damage.