Rhinoplasty – Surgical And A Non-Surgical Nose

Wanting a nose job but don’t have thousands of pounds to spare and don’t like the idea of undergoing a surgical procedure? we have your answer here.

The variation between a surgical nose job (surgical rhinoplasty) and a non-surgical nose job (liquid rhinoplasty) Is groundbreaking. Here we are going to discuss the differences between these two options. That can quite literally cost you the difference between thousands of pounds in the bank, little to no downtime or recovery time, and one hell of a lot less discomfort.

It could be a friend, a relative, a partner, or even a member of the public eye- regardless of who-we all know someone who has forked out the cash on a nose job whether it be to make their nose smaller, to make their nose larger, to change the shape of their nose or to change the angle between the nose and top lip. The chances are, there has been a lot of money spent and a lot of time hiding behind closed doors whilst the bruising and swelling reduce after they have experienced the surgical nose job procedure. We’re going to break down the process and information relevant to this cosmetic procedure in order to highlight the intensity and the somewhat groveling experience involved and compare this to the simplicity, the financial saving, and the minimal downtime or pain involved with the non-surgical liquid rhinoplasty.

what surgical rhinoplasty involves.

First of all; it’s important to note that generally speaking, nose reshaping when done surgically is carried out under a general aesthetic. From this alone, we know that admission to a hospital or private clinic for several pre-operation assessments is necessary, and after any general aesthetic: medical supervision is paramount during the recovery. You can expect to be in surgery from 1.5-3 hours, and then even still, once the worst part is over it can be months before you actually see the true healed results of the procedure. Let’s face it; it’s 2022 – nobody’s got time for that!!

Did we mention it will also cost you anything from £5-8000!!

Depending on the type of surgery that is desired, i.e.- reduction, augmentation, nostril reshaping, etc. the surgeon may carry out a variety of different techniques to achieve this. Some of these techniques include:

  • removing the cartilage and bone from the nose
  • taking cartilage from the ears
  • taking bone from the hips, elbow, or skull
  • rebuilding the nose using various other forms of bone or cartilage from the body (medically known as grafting)
  • nostril reduction/ reshaping by breaking the nose bone and rearranging the cartilage

…these are but a few to name the gruesome steps involved with reshaping and resizing the nose.

Grimacing already?! Us too. Here’s our solution to a beautiful, resized, and reshaped nose but without all of the scalpels, chisels, hospital appointments, and life savings!

Our solution is liquid rhinoplasty. This is a non-surgical procedure that is performed using a small gauge needle that injects a varied amount of hyaluronic acid into the area of the nose in which you are wanting to reshape- it’s as simple as that!

Areas that can be treated include the dorsal hump and the nasal tip.

The product that is used (hyaluronic acid) is the same product that is commonly used for Dermal fillers in other areas of the face such as the cheek, the chin, the jaw, and the lips.

Various different brands and types of hyaluronic acid can be used for this treatment-  a few of the industry favorites include Juvéderm and Eloquence. Over time and throughout medical and cosmetic studies, hyaluronic acid has gained a phenomenal reputation for being an effective and safe alternative to surgery.

A huge plus side to undergoing the liquid rhinoplasty treatment is that a general anesthetic is not necessary. When having this procedure done, the patient is awake and conscious throughout. Although it sounds scary, the product used usually contains lidocaine anyway. So the procedure is never too uncomfortable and usually starts to numb. Liquid rhinoplasty usually takes around 15 minutes (which of course is no comparison to the three-hour surgery if you were to undergo full surgical rhinoplasty).

Because you are awake during this treatment, you will often be handed a mirror by your practitioner which means that you can even watch the treatment being done – giving you the reassurance that you have more control and awareness of what’s being done!

There is no downtime or recovery time for this procedure, which means that as soon as your appointment is finished you are free to go and carry on with the rest of your day. The best part about it-the results of the procedure is immediate.

Another pro for liquid rhinoplasty is that the treatment is temporary. Therefore, if you are unhappy with the results, they are completely reversible. The treatment and product can either be immediately dissolved using Hyaluronidase, or you can wait several months as the product will naturally wear off. This treatment usually costs between £150-500 (depending on the practitioner’s costs and pricing)Which also means it’s completely affordable should you want to repeat the treatment every 8 to 12 months.

If you ask us it’s a no-brainer. Liquid rhinoplasty is affordable, it’s reversible, it’s effective and from the second the treatment is finished you can enjoy the results of your newly shaped nose.