Biotin – Beauty Boosting Vitamin


Are you that person who wakes up every morning looking and feeling like you’ve had no sleep? Hair looking lifeless?  Are nails chipped and flakey?  Skin looking dehydrated?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions:  then look no further than the Biotin multi vitamin; otherwise known as the Beauty boosting Vitamin.

Biotin is one of many multivitamins that can be administered through either intramuscular injection or administered through an IVNT drip. It is rapidly growing in popularity within the beauty and cosmetic industry for its undeniable results when it comes to various different health and beauty benefits.

Not only is the biotin vitamin responsible for general health and strength throughout various appearances externally, but the Biotin vitamin is also a huge helping hand for many other days to day functions within the gut, nervous system, digestive system and Biotin has even been known to improve and regulate menstrual cycles in women.

So first, let’s talk about a few of the internal improvements and the benefits that Biotin can have from within:

Believe it or not, one single vitamin- Biotin- can hugely help to boost the metabolism and trigger the reaction that the body needs in order to convert food into energy.

Biotin aids the breaking down and the processing of fats and carbohydrates that are ingested by food– and with this- re-releases these into energy as opposed to additional body fat and weight gain… so yes, we guess you could say- that Biotin can effectively give you that helping hand with weight loss if this is something you find you struggle with alone.

Biotin has also been renowned for supporting liver function as well as the nervous system, both of which have a huge impact on your day-to-day physical activities but also your energy levels and spiritual outlook.

Biotin, vitamin B7B8, or vitamin H as it is also known as a nutrient that is naturally absorbed from your diet and the nutrients found in various different food and organic items.

A short list of the foods in which biotin can be found is as follows:

  • Avocados
  • Yeast
  • Broccoli
  • Bananas
  • Mushrooms
  • sweet potatoes
  • liver
  • nuts and seeds- particularly peanuts
  • legumes: peas, beans, lentils, soybeans
  • egg yolks

If you are someone who lacks any of these items in your diet- you will find that you are most definitely deficient in biotin levels within your body naturally.

Now that we’ve briefly given an overview of the improvements and benefits of Biotin for our general health and organ function… let’s get to the benefits that we’re all actually here for!

Biotin is renowned for being the ultimate vitamin supplement when it comes to improving the quality and appearance of all things that we often feel lifeless about our day-to-day look- our hair, our nails, and our skin.

Because Biotin is not naturally stored in the body, the only way in order to really gain the benefits from this particular vitamin is to supplement it -it must be ingested or consumed. When a sufficient amount of this vitamin is recognized within the body, one of the huge benefits is the increase in stimulation for keratin production within the hair which increases the rate of follicle growth. Thus, in turn, your hair starts to grow thicker, healthier, stronger, and in general looks like it has more life!

As for your nails, unfortunately, we can’t help speed up the actual nail growth. However, biotin studies have shown that this vitamin can help to strengthen brittle nails which reduces your chances of them breaking or splitting, and as a result of this, naturally, they will be able to grow longer.

Last but not least; is the maintenance of healthy skin. in relation to what we were saying about the benefits of biotin helping to break down fats and carbohydrates, alongside this, biotin also helps to support the production of fatty acids. Fatty acids when balanced correctly in the body can help to nourish the skin and will vastly improve the function of the oil glands. If you are someone who suffers from unpredictable skin, then look towards the Biotin vitamin- this may just be your answer to regulating and maintaining a more balanced and predictable cycle when it comes to your skin!

How to go about adding Biotin into your routine? There are several answers.

Of course, the easiest answer is to pop down to your local whole food store, Holland &Barratt, or health food store. Any of these types of places will be able to provide you with daily supplement tablets usually priced anything between £7- £25. The dosage of Biotin concentrate varies and you will need to remember to take the recommended dose daily.

The downside to taking vitamin supplements is that your body only absorbs up to a maximum of approximately 40% of the concentrated vitamin when ingested in tablet form.

However, we recommend receiving the Biotin vitamin via either intramuscular injection or IVNT drip. Although this way of taking the vitamin can cost slightly more, the upside is first that you do not have the responsibility of remembering to take a tablet every day as it is administered as a booster once a month, but secondly, the intramuscular injection or intravenous drip allows the body to absorb up to 90% of the concentrated vitamin-this giving you far more benefits and efficiency in the absorption of all that this miraculous beauty-boosting vitamin has to offer!