Guaranteed Insurance For Eclipse Customers!

Beauty Insurance is often a concern and regularly confusing for the student. It’s rarely straight forward to understand whether you will be able to get insured. Or which pre requisites you need. Which certifications or experience is required. With Eclipse this is made very simple with a guarantee of insurance for all of our courses**.

Due to recognition of Eclipse School of Beauty being a centre of excellence. In addition to in depth course content, knowledge and the vast experience of our tutors. Our Insurance partner of choice ha­­­­s now guaranteed us that all of our students on all of our courses** are guaranteed insurance so long as they have an accompanying Eclipse certificate.

Previously, certain courses required pre-requisite certifications or experience. This is no longer the case. You can now book any of our courses** in the confidence that you will get insured afterwards with your Eclipse certificate.

If you would like to book a course and have any concerns around insurance. Please do get in contact with us via any method. Social media, Email or Phone.

The courses included are:

SPMU and Microblading removal
Derma Roller
Chemical Skin Peels
Mesotherapy by means of nappage, derma pen or derma rollers
Photon light therapy and LED light therapy
Classic Lashes
Russian Lashes
Lash Lift
MCA Scar removal and dryneedling
Scalp Micropigmentation

**Courses excluded from this are Dermal Fillers & Areola Tattoo. Insurance for these can still be obtained. But may need some previous experience or certifications. The rest of the courses have guaranteed beauty insurance.