As a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist, why is it important to be trained in both Microblading AND Machine Brow Tattooing?

As a Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist, why is it important to be trained in both Microblading AND Machine Brow Tattooing?


Microblading and Machine Brow Semi-Permanent makeup is completely different procedures that require incredibly opposing techniques and create such versatile results.

Although some clients will often suit either one of these finishes to the Brow, it is also common for someone to suit one finish, yet another be completely inappropriate for them. Not only is the aesthetic finish to the brow different, but the length of time before the brows start to fade is also different too.


Microblading is a much faster fading procedure, that depending on the client skin type. It can sometimes only last up to just a few months- contrasting with the finish of Machine Brows, which often at minimum can last up to 18 months.

Of course, the healing and lasting process is also dependent on many contributing factors such as the attention you pay to the aftercare guide given, skin type, sun exposure, washing routine, soaps and cleansers/shampoo and conditioner used etc.

If for example, Microblading did not hold particularly well on a client, by being qualified in Machine Brow Tattooing too, you will then be able to offer your client an alternative technique that would perhaps be the solution to a longer lasting Brow!

It is also common for some people to not always do their market research before choosing the beauty consultant they visit for the treatments- which results in unsatisfied customers with a tattooed brow they weren’t hoping for, incorrect pigmentation and undesired shapes.

By offering both Brow techniques, you are then able to rectify existing concerns by carrying out a correction treatment with the more appropriate procedure.

All client requirements and desires are different, which is why, as the Artist- it is most affective not only for your personal business to offer both, but for a client to feel like they are being offered a treatment that genuinely is the right thing for them.

The beauty industry is quickly, and vastly growing every day; so, as a professional within the industry, it is a great opportunity for professional growth and development to understand the various different techniques and styles available in order to keep up with trends, but also eliminate industry competition by offering the most up to date treatments from the offset.