Dermal Fillers Fast Track with Eclipse school of Beauty & Aesthetics

Dermal Filler Fast Track with Eclipse school of beauty

What does fast track mean?

This means that in a very short time we can take you from zero experience and qualifications to being fully insured and qualified in dermal fillers and Anti wrinkle injections. The minimum time you can take to do this is 9 days.

Why do it with Eclipse School Of Beauty?

Here at eclipse we can offer dermal Fillers and Anti wrinkle injections training for non-medics with no qualifications or experience in beauty with sensational outcomes. Our insurance company Insync have put together an incredible insurance scheme for our learners who want to start offering fillers and botulinum toxin (Anti wrinkle injections) treatments and to be fully insured and qualified when they have no previous experience or qualifications and are not a nurse or doctor or dentist.

What will I study at home?

.Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology online course (home study) that you can do before or after doing any of the other courses. Minimum 30 – 40 hours home study & assessment Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Level 4 Certificate of Achievement in Anatomy and Physiology.

What courses will I complete?

You will then move onto 3 pre injectable courses.

Dermaplaning Facial (1 day)

Micro needling Facial (1 day)

B12 injections (half a day)

After you have completed these 3 courses we will then provide a Dermal fillers and Botox manual for home reading so you are prepared for the next section of the fast track route.

Dermal Filler with in depth studies of covering lips, cheeks, chin & Jaw.  (4 days)

Botox (2 days)

Foundation Dermal Fillers – overview

This 4 day dermal filler course will cover the fundamentals to enable the student to work with Hyaluronic acid based dermal filler in a safe, sterile and hygienic way. Our industry leading trainer will take you through the theory behind the technique and give advice on products currently available in the industry. You will be given a full colour training manual which will be yours to keep. This is constantly being updated so any changes will be sent to you free of charge. The tutor will then demo the treatments technique step by step whilst answering and queries. You can record this for future reference and this will also be available to you in our post training course support groups. You will spend the final 2 days practicing on live models, whilst being supported by the tutor. You will be shown how to set up your station correctly. How to do a thorough pre treatment consultation and set expectations. How to treat a range of areas as well as maintain client comfort. How to explain after care support to your client. And also a thorough section on contraindications, complications and post procedure support. On completion of the training day, the tutor will provide full details on everything you need to get started in your new career.

Foundation Botox – Over view

You will start the day with an interactive presentation from a highly trained and experienced practitioner. Following the presentation, each student will be asked to carry out a full medical consultation with their model. To assess their clients face, ensuring their suitability for the treatment and that they understand any contraindications, risks or side effects. Delegates will carry out the treatment on their models under the supervision of our tutor. All of our training courses are limited to small groups and the practical session allows all students to observe a wide range of treatment indications and techniques, with a large opportunity for questions and feedback.

Treatments Per Week
3 6 9
Treatment Price
£150 £150 £150
Weekly Earnings
£450 £900 £1,350
Monthly Earnings
£1,800 £3,600 £5,400
Yearly Earnings
£21,600 £43,200 £64,800


I’ve passed the course, What support will I get?

Following your course you will have unlimited ongoing support from the Eclipse team. We have an extremely active WhatsApp and Facebook group where we have dozens of our previously trained students communicating and discussing on an hourly basis.

We also have a 24 hour emergency hotline which you can call if you have a client emergency. We also offer FREE quarterly update clinics where we cover information on any new regulations, new techniques and new advancements in the industry to keep you totally up to date.

Once you have finished the course, you will have total support moving forward with no concerns at all about being left alone to cope on your own.