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Different types of eyelashes looks and which is best for you..

Just like picking your perfect match for foundation, or the way in which you like to style your eyebrows – the eyelash options now are endless and when aiming for your perfect aesthetic – just as important.

But just how many options and different enhancements are there, what are each of their benefits, and which is the most suitable for you? Well here, we have a short list of different technique and style that will be sure to provide you with the answer for the perfect lash look to suit you.

So first off- we think we can all agree that whether it be daily, just for a special occasion or as the occasional night out- glam- we are all familiar with mascara…. But did you know there is a technique that is more permanent, but still provides you with the perfect tint and curl that we can be sure wont run when its raining or if you get caught off guard with a teary eye!?

Yes- look no further than a lash lift and tint! This is probably one of the most effective, simple, and painless solutions for a perfect lash.

The process takes no more than 40 minutes, involving a completely painless technique and the results can last anything from 4-6 weeks.

It simply involves non-invasive shields being placed on the eyelids- 2 different solutions being placed over your own lashes, and as the solutions develop- all you are required to do is lie down and close your eyes! So not only will you have the perfect flutter once the process is complete, think of it as 40 mins R&R in which you can take a break from the chaos of your day whilst your beautician simply beautifies you!

The two solutions bond your lashes into a perfect curl, and once curled, a tint – colour of your choice- is then applied. So whether it be a very natural soft brown tint, or an intense black for a more defined and dramatic look- your lashes once the treatment is complete will last curled and tinted for weeks at a time – with zero down time.

If brow lamination is something that interests you- this procedure can be done at the same time, adding no additional time to the treatment, as both the products used to laminate brows and curl your lashes are the exact same.

However, if the more natural look isn’t the style you’re aiming for- then of course there is always the diverse range of eyelash extensions.

Any high street pharmacy such as boots, Superdrug etc has an endless range of various strip lashes, and often they come with a lash adhesive glue that you simply apply to the strip of the lashes, and then you press and hold at the route of your own lashes. Although the strip lashes are ideal for the occasional night out, or day glam- they aren’t an option for a long term look as the adhesive does ware off and is unfortunately not water proof. So, although they are a cost-effective alternative to a more dramatic and defined lash- it’s a short-term fix.

Our final solution to a full-bodied, long-lasting lash look would be the investment into actual lash extensions. With these lashes, they can last weeks, require minimal maintenance and are the perfect answer to the no-makeup, made up look.

There is the option of regular lashes, or 3d Russian lashes. Both create very diverse looks and which you decide on is entirely up to your personal preference.

If your own lashes are very short with next to no curl, lash extensions are the perfect solution as there are so many different lengths and curls options you can pick from.

When the lash extensions are applied properly, there will be no negative impact on your own lashes either- so forget the myths!

And just as easily as the lashes can be applied, they can also be removed. Likewise, when the lashes start to grow through, or gaps appear- it is simply rectifiable as infills can be carried out every so often, rather than having to have the whole lash load removed before a new one can be applied.

The are a few downsides to the extensions though- firstly it is worth noting that they do tend to be the most expensive form of lash enhancement, and if you are someone who suffers from oily skin, sometimes you may find that the lashes do not last as long as desired due to adhesive waring off quicker than a regular skin type would- so financially you are looking at more regular spending.

One other thing to note is that if you are a heavy makeup wearer, you don’t have the option of being able to add to the lashes with makeup as a- it tends to have minimal impact, and b- makeup application on top of the extensions will just add to damage of the individual lashes, but potentially your own to when trying to remove the makeup.

But with that being said- the options are limitless when it comes to techniques and styles you can create.

At eclipse we offer online learning courses in both Lash Lift & tint, eyelash extensions and Russian lashes. If you’re wanting to study / learn any of these techniques, it is worthwhile considering learning all techniques as that way you have the options and skills to establish which style or look would benefit your client best, based on their own features and the reality of the desired look they are trying to achieve.