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What is PDO Thread lifting?

PDO threads are known within the beauty industry as the non-surgical facelift. for anyone who feels their skin is tiring, starting to drop slightly around the Jowell areas or the neck, looks a little bit lifeless in general and feel like your skin has seen better days- PDO threads is without question the perfect treatment for you.

PDO threads are cosmetically used to help encourage collagen and elastin growth that may have been lost with age. The superfine threads that are placed under the surface of the skin help to enhance the contours of the face by improving loosened skin. the treatment can also be carried out on the legs, arms, bum, back, stomach, neck, décolletage as well as of course the cheeks and the face.

On the face, we find that the most common areas for PDO threads to be performed are around the mouth, nasolabial folds, the jaw line, the cheeks and of course eyebrow lifting.

PDO Threading is an effective and safe technique that involves the placement of threads under the surface of the skin. the threads are made of Polydioxanone which is a perfectly safe cosmetic and medical product which dissolves after time.

the great thing about these threads is that they can also be used alongside dermal fillers, Botox and varying other cosmetic treatments.

Once your PDO thread treatment is completed you can expect to see instant results and a lift to the area treated, but also the treatment will continue to work for several months after.

Of course, the idea of having any foreign product injected into the skin is daunting, however the product that makes up these threads has been used for decades for various different medical treatments. these include heart surgery and gynaecological disorders due to the increase in cell cohesion from the polydioxanone- Hence why this product is so good for the stimulation of collagen, improving skin texture, accelerating rejuvenation, tightening, and lifting!

Are there different types of pdo threads that I can have?

Yes, there are two main kinds of PDO threads.

1)Barbed PDO threads

2)Non barbed PDO threads

Barbed PDO threads tend to be a lot more robust, stronger, and firmer with a more intense lifting ability within the skin. Once applied under the surface of the skin, they are efficient at creating a strong pull and lift.

With non-barbed PDO threads, the thread itself tends to be far finer with a far more subtle lifting capacity. these tend to be used more often in cosmetics to tighten the skin gently, rejuvenate and improve skin quality. It is worth noting that these are much cheaper to buy than the barbed PDO threads. They tend to be more versatile because they don’t necessarily give a lift, and of course you wouldn’t necessarily need a lift in every area of the body that you desire to treat.

Commonly asked questions about pdo threads

How much time does the treatment take? of course the time varies from person to person and treatment to treatment. We also must take him to consideration the area of the body in which to the procedure is being carried out but usually the treatment will take between 30 and 60 minutes

Is the treatment painful? In general, PDO threading is not painful. you may experience a little bit of discomfort because ultimately you are having micro threads placed under the surface of the skin. However, PDO threads are introduced into the skin with minimal discomfort due to the fact that most practitioners will tend to numb the face or the treatment area with lidocaine or a local an aesthetic before any treatment begins

How long will it take before I see results? the great thing about PDO thread lifting is that the effects and the results of this treatment or imminent. as soon as one treatment area has been completed the lifting results are instantaneous. because the product is placed under the surface of the skin you will find that the results continue to have a fact for up to three months later after which you will get a true idea of how the final appearance will look

How long do the results of PDO threads last? The lasting effects of the PDO lifting can be anything up to two years of course this depends on each individual and the effectiveness that the threads have on the person’s skin. the quality of skin and lifestyle are both contributing factors to the varying results. it is recommended however that you review and repeat the treatment once a year to keep the maximum effectiveness and desired aesthetic at its peak.

Are there any side effects? Because this is a slightly invasive treatment you can experience bruising swelling and mild discomfort after the treatment but due to the safe nature of the PDO thread lifting complications are rare. however, the practitioner who performs this treatment will always go through possible risks and complications during a pre-treatment consultation appointment.

PDO Threads are gaining such a booming popularity in the beauty industry at the moment, and it’s no surprise! It really is the most cost effective, less invasive treatment accessible to those wanting to rejuvenate the skin and knock a few years off the clock without the complications and costs of surgery!