Let’s talk about Botox

When it comes to Botox, there seems to be such a divide in opinion. Much like Marmite-you’re all for it, or the idea of it makes you want to run for the hills!

A lot of the stigma behind Botox comes from images that hit the media, revealing overworked faces of familiar celebrities or influences that we know. However, more often than not, Botox is not the reason behind the slightly deformed, overworked, and plastic image that can be portrayed. There are many procedures in the aesthetics and cosmetic field that can alter the way our bodies and faces look. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse- but ultimately it comes down to personal opinion.

However, Botox when performed correctly and when carried out necessarily can enhance our youth and actually the long-term benefits are worth mentioning too when it comes to preserving the way our face and bodies look.

So, what actually is Botox?

Botox is a liquid formula that is injected into the desired area. The idea is it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by paralysing the muscles at the injection site. Although the word paralysed can seem intimidating- it is not something of concern. The Botox after time does actually wear off, the lasting time of the paralysis of muscle is dependent on the individual. But usually, it can last anything from three to six months at a time. the degree of paralysis in the muscle area can also be varied in strength depending on the measure of product mix that is being injected.

The idea of Botox paralysing the muscles sounds slightly intrusive, however what it is actually doing is rectifying the wrinkles and training the muscles to no longer crease.

So, although Botox can be a quick fix in abolishing wrinkles- I guess you could say –a solution… but by having Botox, you’re also preventing!

The idea of starting Botox at a “young” age- let’s say 25 years old, might to some sound crazy- but it is around this age that the collagen and elastin starts demising within our skin. Once this happens, that is when drooping, dryness and fine lines start to appear- thus causing wrinkles. So, if you start your Botox treatments younger, then long term you are actually preventing the formation of deep- set lines before they become more robust.

Some key facts to know about Botox

  • Despite what some people believe-Botox and fillers are not the same and are used for completely opposing reasons. Botox is a toxin, whereas filler is a gel made from hydronic acid. Filler is used to create fullness and structure in areas of the face or body that are lacking, whereas Botox is used to smooth out skin appearance and prevent wrinkles. However, in some advanced cases, filler can be used to smooth out very deep set lines in certain areas of the face in which Botox may not be so practical or effective.
  • Some people believe that the night after getting Botox you should sleep sitting up right…. this is absolutely not true. In fact with Botox, there is absolutely no downtime or aftercare needed- however because Botox is administered through micro injections, it is always advised that you refrain from excess sweating or wearing makeup/face products for 12 hours after the treatment due to the fact that the micro injections do technically leave broken skin, and therefore it’s encouraged to avoid any contact to prevent infection.
  • Botox does not work immediately. with some cosmetic procedures, the results are in imminent, however with Botox after the time of injection the actual process of freezing the muscles can take anything from 7 to 14 days before results start work. of course, results do differ from person to person. initially you might start to feel tightness in the area of injection, and occasionally headaches can occur. this is usually just down to the tightness forming in the area that has been treated. after a week or so, you can expect to find that the wrinkled area has tightened and the skin will usually form a slight glow- think of it as a win-win-; wrinkles gone and a youthful, healthy sheen to the skin!
  • It is incredibly important to manage your expectations and to pick the correct practitioner. ultimately you are injecting a toxin into the skin and therefore it is vital that the person performing the treatment knows exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. if too much product is applied, complications or “dropping” Of the face can occur. this happens when too much product is repeatedly administered which results in the muscle being completely frozen. if the muscle is completely frozen it means the muscle cannot be used in which case it will start to waste away as there is not the same level of muscular support that there was initially.

As with anything, the saying goes-less is more. we like to think this is the same for Botox. subtle tweaks and adjustments where necessary are more likely to give you the longer lasting finish that you are desiring, rather than going full steam ahead with far more than needed.