Dermal Fillers & Botox – Medics vs Non-Medics

Here at eclipse school of beauty and aesthetics, we pride ourselves on offering the very best training courses on Dermal Fillers and Botox as well as Profhilo and Sunekos. We do both foundation and advanced training courses at our academy. We take health and safety along with client safety at the very top of our priority. Injecting comes second to this.

Non-medics are often frowned upon by the medic community when it comes to dermal filler and Anti wrinkle injections training and treatments. However is this really something that should be the case?

Two of our aesthetic instructors Adam and Annie take on the question in their new podcast series.

  • Are all non-medics who have received training in Anti wrinkle injections and fillers a risk?
  • Is it possible that non-medics can be just as competent as medics with fillers and Anti wrinkle injections?
  • Is there a difference between non-medic Anti wrinkle injections and filler training and medic training?
  • Can non-medics who receive Anti wrinkle injections and filler training really get to a level where they can safely administer the treatments?
  • Is the correct support available to non-medics from medics with regards fillers and Anti wrinkle injections?

These are just one of the questions that are raised in this topical and current podcast but two people who are extremely passionate about the treatments and the industry in general.

What is your opinion? Leave us a comment down below and let us know how you feel about this interesting subject.

We believe at eclipse that we can offer a training course for both Anti wrinkle injections and fillers as well as other treatments like profhilo and sunekos. That we can offer a place that both medics and non-medics can go to learn in an environment that will enable them to go about their career in aesthetics in an ethical and moralistic way. With both competence and confidence.

Our Anti wrinkle injections and filler training courses are thought out and designed by extremely experienced professionals with huge amounts of knowledge. Our facilities are of the highest standard and are available in multiple locations around the southeast of England. Brentwood Essex. Bexleyheath London / Kent. Ashford Kent.

We use high-quality products from companies like Allergen. Revolax. Juvederm. Profhilo. and more. our consumables are also high quality from Clinell, BD microfine, Teoxane and more.

We work with reputable suppliers for all of our products and there would never be any sign of grey imports or corner-cutting at any stage. Surely with all of this added together, we can offer a filler and Anti wrinkle injections training offering that will enable people to become masters of aesthetics and go about their career in the correct way.

Many techniques are taught. Including on our advanced lip filler course. The very popular Russian lip training Technique. We use cannulas on the advanced course for a very different way of administering filler products. When we teach our training courses we spend a lot of time on health and safety.

Hygiene and most importantly facial anatomy. Not just where the various veins, arteries, and nerves travel but more importantly the depth they sit at. This aids us in being safe and always working across the correct plane under the skin to avoid any unnecessary complications and to be as safe as possible.

Complications are often neglected and we spend a lot of time covering off how we diagnose our clients. How we treat them in the event of a problem. And how we then look after them after the fact.

Consultations and setting expectations is a huge part of our Anti wrinkle injections and filler training. If a client expects a result which is unobtainable they are always going to have a negative experience. On the flip side of this its also very easy to scare a client with all of the details of the procedure and its important to help them understand how we overcome a lot of the risk with incredible knowledge, experience and safety precautions such as aspiration.

A lot of the time aspirations are too short. A mere moment of time. With the density of filler. The thickness or gauge of the needle. And the pressures involved. It can take a good few seconds to see a potential flashback or positive aspiration. We teach to always do a 10-second aspiration to make sure you’re as safe as possible. And always see that potential flashback to avoid injecting into an artery.

If you have any questions about any of our Anti wrinkle injections or filler training courses in Kent or Essex or London. Please do get in contact with us via social media or email or phone.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our Dermal Fillers & Botox training courses soon.

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