VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Micropigmentation Upgrade

This is an upgrade course from an accredited SPMU diploma certificate. If you do not have a certificate in SPMU already you can buy our course separately for £1999. So in total for VTCT without an existing certificate it would be £2998 for both the diploma course and the VTCT upgrade. If you would like to purchase both please add this course to the basket. Go to the SPMU course page HERE and add that into the basket too. Then pay for both together at checkout.

Price: £999 for VTCT upgrade from accredited diploma in SPMU

Location: Bexleyheath or Brentwood

Entry requirements: You will need to provide an accredited Micropigmentation/SPMU certificate to be able to convert your qualification to a full level 4 VTCT certificate (unless you have purchased a micropigmentation/SPMU course with Eclipse alongside VTCT)

Who is this qualification for?

VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Micropigmentation is an enhanced qualification that has been exclusively designed for beauty therapists.

For students who previously have completed a Micropigmentation course and are accredited.

Why is this qualification most appropriate?

This is the only Level 4 qualification proposed by VTCT in Micropigmentation. The qualification is all about using micropigmentation, a form of cosmetic tattooing to create make-up effects which heighten facial features. This qualification will require learners to develop skills in which to carry out micropigmentation treatments and to gather evidence (case studies) in a practical working environment.

Course duration:

This conversion course is heavily theory based and requires a lot of home study and independent, distance learning. You will be required to attend the academy for an initial registration day. During this day your tutor will go through your course content and work to submit. You will have a minimum of 12 weeks to complete this course from registration date. Once all theory work is marked and completed, you will be invited in, to complete assessments and a final exam. All attendance dates will be organised once booking is completed.


What does this qualification cover?

This Micropigmentation qualification has been precisely designed for learners 18+, which extends the knowledge and understanding of skills needed to complete the treatment and will expand an enhanced collection of skills to prepare learners for employment. Every Learner will have their skills assessed in a real/realistic working environment.

This qualification will require research; Providing a thorough consultation with the client tailored to suit the individuals needs, using micropigmentation techniques, managing the heath, safety and security of the environment/salon. These are all obligatory.

This qualification is based on accomplishing professional capability within the correction of micropigmentation and includes the required fundamentals to work effectually as an SPMU artist. Students must achieve all obligatory units:
– Management of health, safety and security in the salon

– Quality management of client care in the hair and beauty sector

– Enhance appearance using micropigmentation treatment


Throughout this qualification, learners will advance their own knowledge and understanding of the whole process of micropigmentation. Also developing the ability to apply knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to enhance eyebrows, lips and eyeliner through practical. In equivalent, learners will develop their communication, consultation and client care skills. Also learning time management which are valued highly by the client and employers.
Learners will be required to complete a series of assessments for each practical unit.
Within the micropigmentation training, learners are required to produce evidence of a sequence of case studies, merging and demonstrating consistent applications of all knowledge and practical skills in one place.

This conversion course is heavily theory based and requires a lot of home study and independent, distance learning.

This course does not include a kit however if you would like to purchase a fill kit, they are available for £599. You will be required to use your own machine and equipment for any ongoing assessments.



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