Ultrasound Guided Filler Injections And Vascular Occlusion Diagnosis Training Course + Vascular Facial Mapping 13th -14th August


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Ultrasound Guided Filler Injections And Vascular Occlusion Diagnosis Training Course + Vascular Facial Mapping 

DATE: 13th & 14th August

PRICE: £14999 Including VAT

1-2-1 Ultrasound Guided Filler Injections And Vascular Occlusion Diagnosis Training Course Including machine and iPad.

Vascular Occlusion prevention is the future of safety within dermal filler injections. Although dermal filler can be dissolved with Hyalase – Hyaluronidaise. It would be better to never have this possibility occur in the first place. Prevention is always better than cure. The number one fear that puts people off having dermal filler treatments done is the potential of vascular occlusion. If this can be avoided by utilising ultrasound technology then this opens up a whole new potential for customers or patients.

We have been working blindly for many years. And now we can confidently train you to be able to fully map out the face in terms of arteries and much more. We can measure depths of arteries and diameters and much much more.

The ability to offer ultrasound guided injections is going to be one of the only true ways to separate yourself from almost every other aesthetic practitioner in the country. At most there are currently a very small handful. If anyone. Offering this currently. The ability to not only have ultrasound guided injections but also the ability to very quickly and accurately diagnose problems is an extreme advantage.In addition to this the ability to see inside someones tissue space and say confidently how much filler is remaining and where exactly it is is a true game changer.

Our course is a fully comprehensive course that not only provides you with the only ultra high frequency portable ultrasound in the world but also teaches you exactly how to use it to its best effectiveness. Over this two day course. You will cover off complications to the very highest level. Along with the most in depth anatomy training available anywhere.

The portable ultrasound is fully included in the price of this training along with an iPad and all the software and training you will need to make full use of it. And with the edge you will have over everyone else to be able to almost guarantee safe injections. The return on investment will be very fast.

You will receive the finest support levels with Eclipse. A 24 hour emergency hotline as well as full support groups on multiple platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook. As well as an online version of our training that you can constantly refer back to whenever you would like to refresh your knowledge. Also included in this package is an online version of some of our best aesthetic courses. Including Foundation fillers. Foundation Botox. As well as Profhilo, Sunekos and Jalupro. And finally Aqualyx. These will be yours forever and you can utilise them to refresh your knowledge for life. You will also be included to attend our free Quarterly update sessions that we host and cover the costs for where we cover off all the latest techniques, products and safety in our industry.

If you would like to purchase this training please go ahead and purchase this and you I’ll be contacted to book in your date.


Price £14999.00 Including VAT

Including two days 1-2-1 training with models

Machine with needle module

iPad and stand


Full Warranty and support.