Multi Vitamin Injections Training Course – 21st September 2023 – Ashford-Kent


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Multivitamin course (Vitamin B12, Vit D, Vit C and Biotin)

Duration: 1 day 10am – 4pm

Price: £599

Deposit: £150

Accreditation: Accredited with CPD

Prerequisites: Medical professional or Non medic with any of the following: Level 3 Beauty -OR- 12 months needling experience i.e. Microblading, SPMU, Dermal Fillers, Botox. -OR- 6 months needling experience and an Anatomy and physiology Level 3 qualification.

Payment: You can pay in full now. Or pay a deposit now and pay the rest at any time before the start date of the course. Or you can pay the remainder amount in cash or on card on the day of your course. We also offer finance here



Multivitamin course: This course covers Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Biotin. All administered via an intramuscular injection.

VITAMIN B12: Vitamin B12 is the generic name for a group of compounds based on the cobalamin molecule that has cobalt as the trace mineral at its core. Cobalamin is a highly active complex organometallic molecule. It is the largest and most chemically complex of all of the 13 known vitamins and is generally red in colour. Regular Vitamin B12 injections can help with symptoms such as: Irritability, Mood swings, Confusion, Forgetfulness, Fogginess, Psychosis, Hallucinations or delusion, Depression, Anxiety/Panic attacks, Tension headaches, Onset of dementia.

VITAMIN D: The human body naturally synthesises vitamin D3 in the skin through exposure to direct sunlight and also obtained through the diet from fish liver oils and saltwater fish. In many developed countries, milk and other foods are fortified with vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays an important role in the health of muscles and bones. It helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestines, which has a direct effect on the muscles and bones. An increase in vitamin D can help with aches and pains in the bones and muscles as well as help with chronic fatigue and osteoporosis.

It stimulates the production of insulin by producing cells in the pancreas. It also helps to reduce insulin resistance and can help to prevent type 2 diabetes. Beneficial for the health of the teeth and preventing many dental problems. Boosts the mood and helps to treat depression.

VITAMIN C: Enables the body to efficiently use carbohydrates, fats and protein. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, a nutrient that chemically binds and neutralises the tissue-damaging effects of free-radicals. It is essential for the growth and health of bones, teeth, gums, ligaments and blood vessels. Vitamin C is also vital in the key role of the formation of collagen and the proper functioning of all internal organs.

Just a few benefits of vitamin C:

  • Heals wounds, burns and bleeding gums
  • Increase the effectiveness of other medications
  • Accelerates healing after surgery
  • It helps to decrease blood cholesterol
  • Aids in preventing many types of viral and bacterial infections and boosts the immune system.
  • Protects against many forms of cancer
  • Acts as a natural laxative
  • Lowers the risk of blood clots in veins
  • Treats and prevents colds and flu
  • Prevents scurvy
  • Reduces the risk of stroke
  • Reduces the onset of ageing skin


BIOTIN: Also known as vitamin B7, B8 or vitamin H, is essential for life. The major biological function of biotin is to act as a covalently bound cofactor for the biological activities of five mammalian biotin-dependent carboxylases. These biotin-dependent carboxylases play a crucial role in essential biological processes, including fatty acid synthesis, gluconeogenesis, and amino acid metabolism. Biotin helps to trigger the reactions needed to convert food into energy. It also boosts the enzyme production that supports the metabolisation of fat and carbohydrates. Biotin injections support healthy cell growth and the creation of amino acids. Amino acids are essential for creating protein, so they have the ability to repair and maintain skin, hair and nail health.


What will I learn:


  • What is Vitamin B12, D, C & Biotin
  • How often can they be administered?
  • Physiology of skin
  • Physiology of the circulatory system
  • Intramuscular injections and saftey
  • Vitamin benefits and mixes
  • Equipment needed for Vitamin injections
  • Infection control
  • Disposal of treatment waste
  • Consultation
  • Contra-indications
  • Pre-treatment advice
  • Treatment procedure
  • Aftercare and maintenance
  • Treatment protocol



  • Tutor Demonstration of full intramuscular injections procedure
  • Students will work on live models to carry out the full intramuscular injections treatment



CASE STUDIES: You are no longer required to complete case studies; you will receive your accredited certificate at the end of your course so that you are able to gain insurance straight away.

MODELS: Models will be required for this course. They will need to arrive for 1.30pm and stay for the remainder of the day. Please ensure your client is fit and healthy and is not undergoing any treatment with a medical professional or has any vitamin deficiencies being treated. Any queries or questions please just let us know via email or phone.


This course does not include a kit however we will provide everything you need for your course, model treatment and info on where to purchase all supplies.


SUPPORT: following your course, you will receive unlimited support from the Eclipse team. We are dedicated to ensuring you are confident and comfortable in performing this treatment. We understand that many queries and questions occur following your training day and we are always on the end of the phone or email to help and support you along your journey. We also offer an open-ended training support where you are able to re-sit any course you have completed at any time, if you feel you need to. we are constantly updating our course material and in depth manuals. If you have completed one of our courses and we update the manual, then we will send the new manual out to you to keep you up to date with current industry legislation.


PROGRESSION: Once you have completed the IVNT facial course you can progress onto any of the aesthetic facial courses: IVNT, Skin peels, Microneedling, LED or even microblading or SPMU. If you require any further training on any aspects of the Multivitamin course before progressing onto further courses then please let us know and one of our dedicated tutors will be happy to retrain you in the areas you feel unconfident.

We at Eclipse have been delivering courses for many years and pride ourselves in providing high quality courses. Our trainers work full time as aestheticians and do this every day of their lives. They are not just trainers that only ever teach. We feel it’s extremely important to have experienced technicians with real world experience teaching our courses.

Please feel free to browse our facebook page where you can find many 5 star reviews. Do let us know if you have any queries as we’d be happy to help, and we hope to see you on a course very soon 