Micropigmentation SPMU- 5th- 9th February 2024 – Hertford – Hertfordshire


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2024 – Hertford – Hertfordshire
Price: £1999
Deposit: £250
Duration: 5 days intense training 10am – 4.00pm

Prerequisites: No qualifications or certifications are required for this course. Our insurance partner guarantees cover with an Eclipse course certificate

Our SPMU Training Objective

It is our sole focus and aim to provide our SPMU students with the ability and confidence to be able to practice SPMU professionally after completing the course. Our trainers are semi permanent artists first and trainers second. They do this treatment day in day out and take time out to pass on their skills to the students on our courses. They will give you all of the real world experience and knowledge you need to truly excel in this industry and create a superb career for yourself.

What You Will Learn
Health and safety is a huge part of any semi permanent makeup and we make sure you’re fully aware of how to maintain a perfectly hygienic and safe salon environment. In addition to all the laws and regulations surround waste disposal, council treatment license and general hygiene and insurance. Numbing is a largely talked about subject and is covered in detail.

Measuring up and drawing on is the most important element of SPMU and we spend a large amount of time making sure you’re fully comfortable with the latest methods. You will practice on live models exactly how to map out and measure brows correctly and accurately. You will learn how to draw them on and how to define the brows to suit the persons face correctly and precisely. Lips and liner will also be covered from a drawing on perspective and you will be taught exactly how to carry out this important part of the process.

We will take you through colour theory, needles & aftercare to ensure you are fully confident to carry out all aspects of semi permanent make-up.

As part of your training fee you will receive a SPMU machine and kit which includes everything needed to get you started. Enough for your case studies and between 10 and 30 clients. We will go through all options of where to purchase products and equipment to keep you stocked up.

This 5 day semi permanent make-up course will cover the fundamentals to enable the student to work with the SPMU machine in a safe and sterile way. Our industry leading trainer will take you through the theory behind the technique and give advice on products currently available in the industry. You will be given a full colour training manual which will be yours to keep. This is constantly being updated so any changes will be sent to you free of charge. The tutor will then demo the treatment technique step by step whilst answering and queries. You will spend the final three days practicing whilst being supported by the tutor. You will be shown how to set up your client correctly, how to treat a range of areas as well as maintain client comfort. On completion of the training day, the tutor will provide details on case studies and outline all requirements needed.

We at Eclipse have been delivering aesthetic courses for many years and pride ourselves in providing high quality courses. Our trainers work full time as SPMU artists and do this every day of their lives. They are not just trainers that only ever teach. We feel its extremely important to have experienced artists with real world experience teaching the course.

Please feel free to browse our facebook page http://facebook.com/eclipsecourses where you can find many 5 star reviews. Do let us know if you have any queries as we’d be happy to help and we hope to see you on a course very soon


The Kit

You will receive a full kit of professional grade products with enough equipment for 10 treatments and enough pigments for over 30. And the machine will last many years. You will receive every single item you will need for the full process. So when you leave you have everything you require without having to go and purchase separate items. Just some of the items the kit includes are…

  • Industry leading SPMU machine
  • Different needles
  • Multiple colours of pigments.
  • Hair scissors
  • Sterile wound care packs
  • Chlorahexadine wipes
  • After care ointments
  • Measuring apparatus
  • Hair nets
  • Surgical masks
  • Makeup pencil
  • Hair trimming blades
  • Practice skins

Case Studies
You are no longer required to complete case studies, you will receive your accredited certificate on the last day of your course.

Please note
Models are required for this course. You are required to provide 1 model on days 3,4 & 5 of the training. They will need to arrive for 1pm and stay for the remainder of the training day. Should you not be able to provide a model, then please let us know as soon as possible and we will try to arrange one for you.Day 3 is Brows. Day 4 is Lip Blush and day 5 is eye liner.


This course includes everything you need to be a professional spmu artist. Nothing extra needs to be purchased from us in order of training.

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