Microblading – 19th-21st April 2021 – Brentwood Essex


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Course Date: 19th-21st April 2021
Price: £1399
Deposit: £150
Duration: 3 Day course 10am-4pm

Prerequisites: No qualifications or certifications are required for this course. Our insurance partner guarantees cover with an Eclipse course certificate

Some boroughs may require a VTCT qualification, it is your responsibility to check with your local council for their requirements

Our Microblading Training Objective

It is our sole focus and aim to provide our microblading students with the ability and confidence to be able to practice microblading professionally after completing the course. Our trainers are microblading artists first and trainers second. They do this treatment day in day out and take time out to pass on their skills to the students on our courses. They will give you all of the real world experience and knowledge you need to truly excel in this industry and create a superb career for yourself.

What You Will Learn:

This course takes place over three days, and is split into two parts; Theory and Practical.

The theory part of the course will cover:

  • Health, Safety and Hygiene – (duty of care, regulations, licensing, sterilisation, disinfection and disposal of sharps). Health and safety is a huge part of any semi permanent makeup & microblading and we make sure you’re fully aware of how to maintain a perfectly hygienic and safe salon environment. In addition to all the laws and regulations surrounding waste disposal, council treatment license and general hygiene and insurance.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the skin – We will teach you about the structure of the skin, its various functions, and the different layers of the skin that are involved throughout the Microblading procedure.

The Practical side will cover:

  • Client consultation and patch testing – we will cover in detail how to carry out the consultation process which involves the management of customer expectation, contraindications, record keeping, patch testing protocols and methods, medical issues to consider, pain control, aftercare and top up treatments
  • Equipment – You will receive a full kit which is yours to take home. Before you begin any practical work on human skin, we will have time to play around with the equipment so you can get to know the tools, blade choices and additional equipment required for treatment. During this time we will also let you practise on fake skins to get an idea of how the tools work, and the technique you should be applying.
  • Colour therapy -This includes identifying skin tones, choosing colours and tones, mixing colours, controlling colour performance in the skin and getting a general idea of the consistency and pigment within each ink.
  • Pain control – (numbing cream, regulations and timings) Numbing is a largely talked about subject which we constantly receive a lot of questions about. This will be covered throughly during your practical work in detail.
  • Perfect brow positioning – Measuring up and drawing on is the most important element of Microblading and we spend a large amount of time making sure you’re fully comfortable with the latest methods. You will practice on live models exactly how to map out and measure brows correctly and accurately. You will learn how to draw them on and how to define the brows to suit the persons face correctly and precisely.
  • Client care and aftercare treatments- We always say that with the Microblading procedure, 50% of the results is down to the artists work, and 50% of the result is down to how well the client looks after and maintains their brows. Aftercare is a subject we will thoroughly cover to ensure you as an artist understand , but can then relay correctly to your client.
  • Treatment Application- The exciting part! This is the teaching of the actual procedure. This will be done in two parts. Firstly: We will cover the technique on fake skins to give you an idea of how the tools work, the pressure you should be applying, and the correct way to create the hair strokes. Once you feel confident with the technique you shall move onto the live models. On the final day of the course, you will perform the Microblading procedure on a live model, where you shall carry out everything from the consultation, through to measuring up, colour theory and the blading.

The Kit

You will receive a full kit of professional grade products with enough blades for 10 treatments and enough pigments for over 30. You will receive every single item you will need for the full process. So when you leave you have everything you require without having to go and purchase separate items. Just some of the items the kit includes are…

  • Disposable handles and blades
  • Autoclaveable handtool
  • Different blades – Slant, U and more in different sizes.
  • Multiple colours of pigments.
  • Hair scissors
  • Sterile wound care packs
  • Chlorahexadine wipes
  • After care ointments
  • Measuring apparatus
  • Pigment rings
  • Hair nets
  • Surgical masks
  • Makeup pencil
  • Hair trimming blades
  • Practice skins

Case Studies

You are no longer required to complete case studies, you will receive your accredited certificate on the last day of your course.
This course includes everything you need to be a professional microblading artist. Nothing extra needs to be purchased from us in order of training.

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