Complete master aesthetic package – Medics and Non-Medics – Ashford – Kent – London – Essex – Bexleyheath – Brentwood


Complete master aesthetic package – Medics and Non-Medics – Ashford – Kent – London – Essex – Bexleyheath – Brentwood

Price: £7500

Pre Requisites: Medics and Non Medics, NVQ Level 3 (General Beauty) -OR- 12 Months Needling Experience -OR- 6 Months Needling Experience and Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 or Above.

For those without any experience at all, don’t worry we have got you covered!

Our fast track package will be included for FREE when you purchase our complete master aesthetics package!!

Filler Foundations
Advanced Fillers (online only)
Anti-wrinkle injections (inlc bum lift)
Advanced Anti-wrinkle injections (online only)
Profhilo and sunekos & Jalepro
Lip filler master class (russian lips)
Multi-vitamin injections
Aqualyx & Desolations face & body Fat Dissolving
Pdo threads
IVNT Vitamin drip

If you would like to become an absolute master aesthetics practitioner. This is the ultimate package for you. Hugely discounted with a great current special offer including all of the courses above. You can work through the courses at your own pace and you can repeat courses free of charge at your own pace.

Whether your currently a beautician or an aesthetic practitioner. This collection of courses will really advance you in your career. Giving you huge opportunity to increase your current skills. Or gain new skills. With this total package you will have huge potential to earn an incredible income. Your return on investment for this package is fast and high in financial value.

The order you do the courses in and the pace you take is totally upto you. You could do them all close together and as soon as possible. Or you could master each one slowly and move onto the next. Its upto you. You have one year from the purchase date to finish all of the courses.

One of the largest problems with aesthetic courses is the post course support. We have an incredible amount of resource at your disposal after the course has been completed. We have WhatsApp and Facebook support groups. Along with access to a huge library of videos with instruction and direction on how to do each procedure.

We also have a 24 hour emergency hotline in case of problems. And we have a host of prescribers at your disposal.

Insurance is no problem as our courses are all fully accredited. Once you complete each course you will get an accredited certificate for each one. Meaning you can talk to an insurance provider and get insured straight away.

All of the forms are provided for you for the consultation period and also after care. Models can also be provided for all of your live practicals. We also provide kits for many of the courses which will get you started or restock you for your consumables. The places to buy the products will be supplied with details on how to do so.

We have many reviews that our students have left. You can check them out here

If you have any questions at all we are extremely prompt at replies via any method. Please see our contact us page for details on how to get in touch.

If you would like to buy this incredible package offer. Please go ahead and purchase. Once you have you can simply just drop us a call or email and detail us the dates and locations you would like to complete your courses and we will get you booked in at your convenience.