Aesthetics Cannula Masterclass – 23rd August 2024 Brentwood Essex


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Aesthetics Cannula Masterclass –  2024 Brentwood Essex
Price – £649
Duration – 1 day
Pre requisites – To be qualified in the chosen treatment.

Perfect your cannula skills with our cannula masterclass. Designed specifically for aesthetics.
Get hands on practical training on your own dedicated model for Fillers, Fat dissolving or Skin boosters.

Choose two treatments of your choice and work on your own live model for those two treatments. It can be two filler treatments or two skin booster treatments or you can mix and match between fillers and skin boosters and have one model for each. Or any variation you would like.

You will learn about cannula types, brands, advantages, disadvantages and more. You will understand what treatments can be used with a cannula and how to do them.

Layers of your facial and body anatomy are vital for cannula work. And this will all be part of your training. How to go superficial. How to go deep. How to go on top of a muscle. How to go underneath the muscle.

10am start and theory
11am Tutor live demo
12 lunch
1-4pm Live student models

**You can only practice on live models in a treatment you are already qualified in. For example. If you are only trained in fat dissolving. You can only do cannula with fat dissolving. If you are only trained in skin boosters. You can only practice on skin boosters with cannula. Etc. If you do all 3. You can choose two of your choice.

Fillers areas you can practice on a live model.
Jaw, cheeks, Tear trough

Fat dissolving areas you can practice on a live model.
Tummy, Inner thigh, Outer Thigh

Skin booster areas you can practice on a live nodel.
Hand rejuvenation, any facial area, bottom, Hips