Managing complications

Therapists face the risk of incidents or complications within a clinic. Many therapists believe that the risk is only with injectable treatments, however complications can occur for many treatments, even those that seem low risk.

High risk treatments include but are not limited to:

• Mesotherapy
• Dermal filler or anti-wrinkle injections
• Vitamin injections
• Micro-needling
• Permanent makeup
• Microblading
• Chemical peels
• Electrolysis
• Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments
• Phlebotomy
• Cryotherapy
• Microdermabrasion
• Micro-sclerotherapy
• Laser and/or IPL
• Lash and brow tinting/hair dying

Some complications may be minor, however despite the severity of injury to the client we still have a responsibility to deal with the complaint and record the injury in our accident book. In some cases, these may need to be reported to RIDDOR.

Common injuries within a salon may include:

• Skin abrasions
• Burns
• Hyper-pigmentation.
• Swelling
• Bruising
• Allergic reactions

Any treatment can cause some kind of injury or complication. It is good practice to understand the risks of all procedures you perform, how to avoid them and how to prepare clients and inform them of the risks of the treatment they are undertaking.

If you are self-employed or run a clinic or salon with staff you should be aware of all laws and bye-laws that are relevant to you.