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Locations: Bexleyheath Kent , Brentwood Essex & Ashford Kent


Prerequisites: – Available for medics and non medics. Insurance pre-requisites are subject to change. We advise you liaise directly with your chosen insurance company to ensure the correct, up to date information is provided. Insurance can be found here


ALIDYA is a revolutionary CE Approved injectable mesotherapy solution for the treatment and prevention of cellulite. It is used to treat and prevent cellulite and its visible effects, including orange peel skin.The procedure does not require local anesthesia because it is almost painless. The treatment has few or no side effects and requires little recovery time, which allows you to quickly resume your usual activities.
Treatable areas:
ALIDYA generates important mechanisms in the tissues, improving cell metabolism and inhibiting the formation and development of cellulite. Clinical studies have shown that cellulite forms when fatty tissue under the skin, which is surrounded by fibers, becomes overloaded resulting in an uneven appearance more commonly referred to as “orange peel skin”. This dilation of the fatty deposits also causes a compression of the localized irrigation vessels. Subsequently, waste or toxins are poorly eliminated and water is retained in the body, which accentuates cellulite. Its formula has been designed to:
  • Solubilize and eliminate secondary extracellular toxic elements that impede vascular microcirculation
  • Alkalinize the extracellular matrix
  • Improve tissue oxygenation
  • Rebuild the extracellular matrix thanks to its biological components
  • Regulate the physiological function of adipose tissue