Advanced Botox Course – Medics and Non Medics – Bexleyheath Essex Brentwood Kent Ashford Tonbridge Kent, Tunbridge Wells Kent

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Duration: This training course is for one day where you will learn the foundations of Anti wrinkle injections.
Time: 10:00-4:00pm
Price: £999 Sale Price : £750
Deposit: £250
Pre Requisites: Medics and non Medics, MUST HAVE foundation Botox

Insurance pre-requisites are subject to change. We advise you liaise directly with your chosen insurance company to ensure the correct, up to date information is provided.

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This is an advanced botulinum Toxin Botox Training course. Its a one day course at Eclipse School Of Beauty available across all our locations – Essex & Kent. Bexleyheath, Ashford and Brentwood. This is an intense practical day covering off everything you need to know in order to be confident, competent and most importantly safe in advanced Anti wrinkle injections.

In our foundations Anti wrinkle injections course we cover off the top third of the face and everything else. You should have already done a foundation course.
There is a large amount of benefits to being able to administer Anti wrinkle injections to the rest of the lower two thirds of the face with Anti wrinkle injections training. We cover all of them on this training course.

Included in this is the knowledge and skills required to be able to treat hyperhydrosis of various areas including the armpit.

What you will Learn:

Muscle names, groups and types for advanced areas of Anti wrinkle injections.
Branching nerves of the face
Neck Anatomy
Pricing for advanced areas of Anti wrinkle injections
Managing expectations.

Areas Covered:

Bum Botox

Pebbly chin
Gummy Smile
Lip Flip
Platysmal bands
Hyperhydrosis – arm pits, groin, hands, feet
Bunny Lines
Platysmal Bands


We offer full post course support via a multitude of mechanisms, support groups via social media, and a 24 hour emergency hotline. As well as quarterly FREE update CPD days in the classroom where we cover off any updates that may be useful to you as well as keeping you safe.
You are always welcome back to repeat a course free of charge you wish to refresh your knowledge and confidence. Here at Eclipse we take huge pride in our Botox training course.
Every detail is important to us to ensure your Anti wrinkle injections training is a complete success. And you can go about your career in a safe, ethical manor.

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