Russian Volume Lashes – 30th March 2021 – Brentwood Essex


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Course Date: 30th March 2021

PRICE: £350


ACCREDITATION: Double accredited with CPD & ABT

DURATION: 1 day intense training 10am – 4pm

PREREQUISITES: You will need to be fully trained in classic lashes however there is no time limit on this.  Our insurance partner guarantees cover with an Eclipse course certificate. Details on insurance available here


Our Classic lash courses are available in Bexleyheath KENT, Brentwood ESSEX and Mersham ASHFORD


Russian eyelash extensions are a very popular treatment within the beauty industry and a MUST for all lash technicians. With the ever growing demand for Russian lash extensions, there is always a high demand for new lash technicians. Russian lashes can cater to a much wider range of clients than the traditional classic one on one lash extensions. Although you can create the ‘Instagram’ look, Russian lashes are also great for older clients who have sparse lashes as you are able to fill in any gaps. At Eclipse we teach the making of HAND MADE fans so that you can deliver the best high quality techniques for your clients.


You will I learn:


  • History of lash extensions
  • Russian volume techniques
  • Tools and products
  • Natural lash care
  • Assessing the lashes
  • Client suitability
  • Making and application of HAND MADE fans
  • Treatment routine
  • Removal of fans
  • Aftercare
  • Maintenance


  • Tutor demonstration of set up, client prep and classic lash extension technique
  • All students will carry out practice on a dolls head as we are concentrating on learning the ‘Russian’ technique. You will have all of your client skills from your classic lash course.


Our lash trainer will take you through all the theory of Russian lash extentions in our detailed manual which is yours to take away. We focus on teaching you to perform the Russian lash technique properly to ensure the safety of your clients. Any updates we make to our manuals will always be sent out to you in future.


CASE STUDIES: You are no longer required to complete case studies. You will receive your accredited certificate at the end of your course so that you are able to gain insurance straight away.


MODELS: YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A MODEL FOR THIS TRAIING COURSE. All practice will be on a lash sponge and dolls head. We have trialed this course with live models and due to the added pressure, find it is better to work on dolls heads. We have had much better progress this way. However, if you would like to return on another course and bring a model with you, this is absolutely fine and can be arranged through our admin team.


KIT: A FULL Russian lash kit is included in the price of this course. Items are as follows:

  • C curl mixed
  • D curl mixed
  • VO1 lash glue
  • Curved tweezers
  • Microporous tape
  • Foaming lash cleanser
  • Lash cleansing brush
  • Disposable mascara wands
  • Eyeluvlashes bag PLUS 10% lifetime discount on all stock


Please bring these items with you on the day of your course:

  • Isolation tweezers
  • Jade stone or glue ring
  • Any other specific lash items used for your current classic lash technique


SUPPORT: During the course, you will be guided by our expert tutor. We keep classes minimal so that you will have the correct support needed. Once the course has finished, you will then have an open ended opportunity to re sit the course at any time in the future should you feel you need to refresh. This can be just the theory, just the practical or the whole training day. A member of the Eclipse team will always be contactable through email, facebook, Instagram and/or phone should you need any post course support.


PROGRESSION: Once you have completed the Russian lash course, you can progress onto one of our other courses. The Lash lifting course is an extremely popular treatment and is highly profitable. Brow lamination is one of our newest courses and works hand in hand with lashes. Alternatively you can progress onto one of our facial courses, please see full list on our course list page.


We at Eclipse have been delivering courses for many years and pride ourselves in providing high quality courses. Our trainers work full time as lash techs and do this every day of their lives. They are not just trainers that only ever teach. We feel it’s extremely important to have experienced technicians with real world experience teaching our courses.


Please feel free to browse our facebook page where you can find many 5 star reviews. Do let us know if you have any queries as we’d be happy to help and we hope to see you on a course very soon


If you would like to apply for finance for this training course. Please apply here