Dermaplaning – 30th April 2021 – Brentwood Essex


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Course Date: 30th April 2021
Price: £365
Deposit: £50
Duration: 10am – 4pm

Prerequisites: No qualifications or certifications are required for this course.  Our insurance partner guarantees cover with an Eclipse course certificate.

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LED Facials are extremely popular and effective treatments which can treat all skin concerns. They can easily be added onto any facial for extra profit and minimal extra time and preparation. We will talk you through the different colour light therapies, how to consulate your clients, how to advertise this treatment and demonstrate how to use the machine. At Eclipse we use the stand LED light therapy machine as we feel the face mask machines are difficult to keep completely sanitary and are not good for clients who suffer with claustrophobia. The stand machines can also be used on parts of the body as well as the face. During this training the tutor will take you through 7 different light therapy treatments, how and when to use them. We’ll also run through case studies of how to combine different colour lights to get the full benefit of the treatment for your client.


Here at eclipse we are known as one of the very best dermaplaning training academies. We’ve successfully trained and accredited hundreds of students to be able to embark on their career in advanced facials and add to their portfolio with dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is one of the most popular and profitable treatments you can do and quite literally everyone is having them done all over the country.

Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive treatment that is a simple method of exfoliation designed to remove the dead skin cells on the top layer of skin with a small surgical blade. One session of dermaplaning usually removes up to several weeks of dead skin build-up, leaving you with a fresh layer of skin that looks and feels smooth, radiant, and brand new. Ideal for clients who want a deep exfoliation with no down time which also removes ‘peach fuzz’

Full coloured information pack and in depth theory of the skin, pre and after care of your client. We will provide you with full info on the treatment including what products to use and legislations relating to the process.
You will then be able to watch a demo treatment and have a chance to have and perform the treatment (If you are unable to have the treatment done, please let us know as you may be required to provide a model)
Case Studies: You are no longer required to complete case studies, you will receive your accredited certificate on the last day of your course.
Models: no models needed on this course, you will practice on each other. However, if you cannot have the treatment please try to find your own model. If you cannot please contact us and we will try to find one for you.

Includes a full kit. Including the following. (See images below)

Cleanser gel x 10ml
Hyaluronic acid gel x 10ml
Chlorhaexadine wipes x10
Gloves x 10 pairs
Hairnets x10
Blades x 10
Skin Republic Face mask
Sterile wound care pack

Fully accredited certificate with CPD. You can see the information on their website HERE

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