LED light therapy


Duration: 2 Hours

Price: £149

Deposit: £50

Accreditation: Double accredited with CPD & ABT

Prerequisites: No qualifications or certifications are required for this course. Our insurance partner guarantees cover with an Eclipse course certificate.

Payment: You can pay in full now. Or pay a deposit now and pay the rest at any time before the start date of the course. Or you can pay the remainder amount in cash or on card on the day of your course. We also offer finance here


This course is available in Bexleyheath Kent & Brentwood Essex

LED Facials are extremely popular and effective treatments which can treat all skin concerns. They can easily be added onto any facial for extra profit and minimal extra time and preparation. We will talk you through the different colour light therapies, how to consulate your clients, how to advertise this treatment and demonstrate how to use the machine. At Eclipse we use the stand LED light therapy machine as we feel the face mask machines are difficult to keep completely sanitary and are not good for clients who suffer with claustrophobia. The stand machines can also be used on parts of the body aswel as the face. During this training the tutor will take you through 7 different light therapy treatments, how and when to use them. We’ll also run through case studies of how to combine different colour lights to get the full benefit of the treatment for your client.


What will I learn:


  • The electromagnetic spectrum
  • Physiology of skin
  • Skin ageing
  • Red light therapy
  • Green light therapy
  • Blue light therapy
  • Yellow light therapy
  • Purple light therapy
  • Cyan light therapy
  • White light therapy
  • Precautions
  • Contraindications
  • aftercare


  • Tutor Demonstration of full LED light therapy treatment
  • Students will work on each other to carry out the full treatment


CASE STUDIES: You are no longer required to complete case studies, you will receive your accredited certificate at the end of your course so that you are able to gain insurance straight away.

MODELS: no models needed on this course, you will perform the treatment on each other. However, if you cannot have the treatment please try to find your own model. If you are unable to find a model, please contact us and we will try to find one for you.

COURSE KIT: No kit is included in this training. You can pre order an LED light for an additional £150 prior to your course.

SUPPORT: following your course, you will receive unlimited support from the Eclipse team. We are dedicated to ensuring you are confident and comfortable in performing this treatment. We understand that many queries and questions occur following your training day and we are always on the end of the phone or email to help and support you along your journey. We also offer an open ended training support where you are able to re-sit any course you have completed at any time, if you feel you need to. we are constantly updating our course material and in depth manuals. If you have completed one of our courses and we update the manual, then we will send the new annual out to you to keep you up to date with current industry legislation.

PROGRESSION: Once you have completed the LED light therapy course you can progress onto any of the aesthetic facial courses: Skin peels, Dermaroller, Microneedling, Dermaplaning or even microblading or SPMU. If you require any further training on any aspects of the LED light therapy course before progressing onto further courses then please let us know and one of our dedicated tutors will be happy to retrain you in the areas you feel unconfident.

We at Eclipse have been delivering courses for many years and pride ourselves in providing high quality courses. Our trainers work full time as aestheticians and do this every day of their lives. They are not just trainers that only ever teach. We feel its extremely important to have experienced technicians with real world experience teaching our courses.

Please feel free to browse our facebook page http://facebook.com/eclipsecourses where you can find many 5 star reviews. Do let us know if you have any queries as we’d be happy to help and we hope to see you on a course very soon

If you would like to apply for finance for this training course. Please apply here